It’s very likely that the Steelers next four weeks will be full of Sunday scaries

Written By Kayla Sterner, Staff Writer

The next four weeks for the Steelers will be a tough watch for Steeler fans. Pittsburgh, now 1-3 heading down a three-game skid, has to face the Bills, followed by the Buccaneers, then the Dolphins, and finally the Eagles before they get a short rest. 

Kenny Pickett went 10-for-13, threw three interceptions and ran for two touchdowns against the Jets, and has officially been given the reins of a very underwhelming offense. The Kenny era is upon us, and the jello is out of the box.

Pickett looked good out there, but that was the Jets. Josh Allen and Co. will no doubt be a tougher opponent, especially when the rookie has to rely on a weak offensive line to protect him from Von Miller. Let’s face it, the former Pitt stand out sometimes takes a little longer than he should before he releases the pigskin. 

With that being said, I don’t deny the fact that Kenny ignited a spark in the second half of the game against the Jets that the Steelers needed, and his receivers have said he spoke confidently in the huddle and stepped up into a leadership role. But, we still need to remember who is calling the plays. 

I think the Steelers will go 0-4 heading into the bye week, but I would have said that even if Trubisky was the gunslinger. A seven-game losing streak is going to be very hard to come back from, making me believe that this could be the year head coach Mike Tomlin has a losing season.

The Steelers have not won a single game since TJ Watt left week one with an injury. The defense does not look the same without him; they seem to be less explosive and less likely to sack the QB. If it weren’t for Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cam Heyward, and Alex Highsmith, the Steelers defense would be giving up touchdown after touchdown. 

The run game does not look good either, with running back Najee Harris only racking up 202 rushing yards. Meanwhile, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has 316 rushing yards. Claypool has been underperforming ever since he claimed to be a “top three receiver in the league.” He has only had 11 receptions so far for 79 yards. Although he has been blocking very well, he keeps dropping passes. 

The punt returner, Gunner Olzewski, has had two dropped punts in two games, one of which arguably cost Pittsburgh the game against the Patriots. 

One of Pickett’s three interceptions fell straight through the hands of Claypool, a pass he should have had. The final interception was a Hail Mary that fell into a sea of Jets players.

 However, I do believe the Pickett to Pickens duo will be filthy in the coming years, and if they can keep connecting the offense might be able to muster up some points.

It is going to be a wake up call when Pickett hits Highmark Stadium. Not only is it extremely loud in there, but the Bills are looking hot despite a sideline full of injured athletes.

 I don’t think the Steelers will be able to hold off an offense full of playmakers, and I’m guessing the Steelers offense will not be able to find the end zone often. The Bills have held the Rams, Ravens and Titans to 0 points in the second half.

 I’d put the score at 42-10 in favor of the Bills for this weekend.

Kayla’s Calling it

  • I think the Steelers go 0-4 and hit the bye week with a 1-7 record, but I think it would’ve been like this if Trubisky was starting as well. 
  • Kenny threw 3 int’s but one should have been caught by Claypool. Claypool has been underperforming after he called himself “a top three receiver in the league” (79 yards,11 receptions).
  • If Pickett and Pickens can keep connecting, the future is in good hands but the Steelers aren’t a solid all-around team, and we are about to be facing some tough defenses.
  • Bills have held the Rams, Titans, and Ravens scoreless in the second half of their games, the JETS were able to hold off the Steelers’ offense the entire first quarter.
  • The defense looks shaky without Watt, Steelers are 0-3 since his injury.
  • Needed a spark, and Pickett provided that spark. The players said he spoke with confidence in the huddle and ignited a dull offense – good for the future but I still do not see them beating the Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins or Eagles.