Democrats win key Pittsburgh area races


Photo by Alexis Wary.

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief

Democrat John Fetterman declared victory over Republican Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania senatorial race. Their race was subject to national attention as it was a key race for control of the Senate.


“It’s official, I will be the next senator of Pennsylvania,” Fetterman tweeted. “We bet on the people of Pennsylvania, and you didn’t let us down. And I won’t let you down. Thank you.”


As of the time of publication, Oz has not conceded to Fetterman, but his campaign indicated that they would not contest the results if they lost.


Democrat Josh Shapiro defeated Republican Doug Mastriano and will serve as the next governor of Pennsylvania. 


“While my name was on the ballot, it was always your rights, it was always your futures that were on the line right here in the commonwealth,” Shapiro said during his victory speech. “Tonight, voters from Gen Z to our seniors, voters from all walks of life, have given me the honor of a lifetime, given me the chance to serve you as Pennsylvania’s next governor.


State Representative Austin Davis will serve as Shapiro’s Lieutenant Governor. He is the state’s first Black Lieutenant Governor.


At the time of publication, Mastriano had not conceded the race to Shapiro.


Democrat Summer Lee defeated Republican Mike Doyle, to fill a vacancy left by retiring Democratic Representative Mike Doyle, who previously represented the Pittsburgh area. Lee will represent Pennsylvania’s 12th District. She is the first Black woman elected to congress in the state of Pennsylvania.


“Our work is not done,” Lee said. “People are going to look at this movement that we have created and they are not going to stop now. Let’s be very real, we had to go through ugly to get here, there’s a reason that there has never been a Black woman to ever serve in the history of Pennsylvania, so I can assure you that they’re not going to let up on us. They are not going to relent, but in these next two years, starting tomorrow, we are going to be building a more formidable movement than they can ever deal with.”


Doyle conceded the race to Lee.


Also in the Pittsburgh area, Democrat Chris Deluzio defeated Republican Jeremy Shaffer to represent Pennsylvania’s 17th district. 


“We won this race because we offered something different,” Deluzio wrote in a statement. “The good people of western Pennsylvania believe, as I do, in fighting for our common good, for our shared prosperity, for a government that serves all of us and puts people first. It will be the honor of my lifetime to represent all of us in congress.”


Deluzio has previously spoken out in support of the university’s adjunct faculty union and attended a demonstration that they held.


Shaffer conceded the race to Deluzio.


“I’m proud to stand alongside workers at Point Park,” Deluzio said to The Globe in August. “The working conditions of these faculty are the learning conditions of these students.”


Point Park students spoke with The Globe about why they voted in the midterm election.


“I think it’s important to vote because we have the power to change the world we live in,” Riley Whitehill, a freshman photography major, said. “Why would you sit back and let someone else decide for you?”


“It gets your voice out there,” Lexi Lewis said while dropping off her mail-in ballot. “It makes me feel like a good citizen when I vote.”


“For some people, it is a life or death situation and we have the power to make a change,” Alicia Broyard said.

Additional reporting was done for this story by Alexis Wary.