SGA Works on Automated Mail Service and a Greener Campus

Written By Cassandra Harris, Staff Writer

SGA called their meeting to order at 3:17 p.m. on October 31. Senators discussed projects they were working on. Some include improving the Boost system, hosting a two-day club fair, looking into getting Adobe for all students, creating greener spaces, and automating the student mail service.  

Graphic designer Julianne Bailey discussed how she planned on having the mail service automated. 

“I’m trying to work on upgrading the mail room so that we know when we get mail,” Bailey said. “So it’s not like we have to just check every day or week to find out. See if there’s a way we can get it automated so we get emails about it. Hopefully that happens in the next week, and I’ll have an update.” 

President Kendra Summers also spoke about what her and Bailey were working on.  

“Julie and I are going to get to work on the Green Spaces Initiative, which is having, like hypoallergenic plants on campus just to brighten up the vibes,” Summers said. “Sometimes it can get kind of dreary when there’s not a lot of greenery when you’re in an urban setting, because, so there’s not a lot of greenery outside either.” 

Summers wants to connect this project with a similar one that a club is also trying to accomplish on campus. 

“We’re also going to try and see what we can do to help Brian Dawson’s club, the horn groundhogs, with the community garden that they want to put between the two buildings in academic,” Summers said. “Since those are both, like, related to plants and gardening, I’m going to see if we can try to combine those. That’s going to start this week.” 

Vice President Nanina Grund is also working on a project with graphic designer Bailey.  

“So Julie and I, well, are working on potentially doing a SAIL like student activities fair again,” Grund said. “SAIL responded and said that we have to outsource chairs and tables because there’s not enough whenever we do those types of things. Which is precisely why all of U-View, the Globe, and everyone was at the same table.” 

Grund discussed the logistics and reasoning behind holding the fair for the second time. She discussed that the fair was held twice a year in the past, but no one showed up. Grund said that this is the reason for holding the current SAIL showdown, to recruit new club members mid-year. 

President Summers proposed a solution for the lack of tables, “instead of buying extra tables and chairs, we did it in, like, the shifts.” She said, “If there’s 20 tables and 20 chairs, we can do 20 clubs in one go and then have a separate section like a couple hours later for different clubs.” 

Grund discussed the possibility for the event to be held as part of Pioneer Community Week. Grund also mentioned that she had been attempting to reach out to someone who works with Boost Mobile to improve problems students have been happening with flex in the app. She said that another Senator, Shannon Marinari, was gathering the questions and concerns that students had towards Culinart. 

“Christy from Cilunart still has yet to respond to my email about coming to legislative body to talk about the Boost Mobile app and pretty much some of the problems that are occurring because of that,” Grund said. “When it comes to like meal swipes coming off of flex, etcetera, so I’m resending an email out with Shannon involved too.” 

Communications Director Samantha Hindman is looking into getting student access back with Adobe for personal computers. 

“We’re trying to get more information on the whole Adobe Suites situation,” Hindman said. “You know we already know and recognize that it’s an issue you know, sort of with Adobe as opposed to with the school in terms of why we no longer have it, but we want to try to arrange it so that we can just get it normally through Adobe or whatever the price is. You know, and how we can maybe find some ways and some solutions to get that access back to our students.” 

In the Monday meeting, President Summers also brought up the prospect of persuading a celebrity to come onto campus as a guest speaker without paying a large sum of money.