Journalist behind “This Places Rules” accused of sexual misconduct

Written By Evan Levine, Staff Photographer

Editor’s Note: The following article contains detailed allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. Because of this, this article may be difficult to read for some people.

I agree with Editor-In-Chief Jake Dabkowski when in last week’s article he said, “Few have done as much to pioneer the internet-era wave of gonzo journalism than Andrew Callaghan.” I looked up to Callaghan as a journalistic role-model and religiously watched the videos he uploaded to his Youtube channels, ‘All Gas No Brakes’ and ‘Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan.’ Since the release of his HBO documentary ‘This Place Rules’ multiple women have accused Callaghan of sexual misconduct. His alleged behavior is disappointing to say the least.

On Jan. 5, Caroline Elise, who goes by the username @cornbreadasshole, posted a video to TikTok in which she accuses Callaghan of sexual coercion and assault. Elise alleges that Callaghan asked her for a place to stay after he had an argument with one of his crew-members. Elise says that she told Callaghan he could stay at her place, but that she was not interested in sleeping with him. She describes that Callaghan, “eventually got my consent because he wore me down. I said whatever because I wanted the whole thing to be over with,” going on to say, “it doesn’t discount that I told him no. [He] still found a way to coerce me into doing things I didn’t want to do.” In later videos, Elise substantiates her claims with pictures of herself with Callaghan as well as Instagram DMs between the two.

On Jan. 8, Dana, who goes by the username @moldyfreckle, posted a video to TikTok detailing her experience with Callaghan. Dana says that she had consensual sex with Callaghan after messaging him on Instagram, but she describes being “creeped out.” She alleges Callaghan called to ask to have sex again, but she declined. After which she alleges, Callaghan invited her out to dinner to apologize for his behavior. While at the dinner, she alleges Callaghan asked her multiple times to have sex in her car to which she declined. She accepted his request for her to drive him home, but made it clear that she “did not want to have sex with him again ever.” Dana claims that while driving Andrew home he assaulted her, “He tried to put my hand down his pants and I was fighting against him during this, telling him to please stop.” Dana says that she eventually had to physically kick Andrew out of her car. Dana, like Elise, has provided substation for her claims in the form of Instagram DMs.

Callaghan has not commented publicly on the matter, but his lawyer has suggested that the initial allegation was a form of blackmail. Although, host of the ‘H3 Podcast’ Ethan Klein who has a relationship with Callaghan and has interviewed him on his podcast says he has spoken with Callaghan recently. Klein says that Callaghan is currently in the “psych ward” and is having panic attacks. Klein adds that Callaghan “confirmed what they’re saying is true.”