Maneskin make their mark with new album ‘Rush’

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co Features/A&E Editor

When people think of Eurovision, the European song contest, they probably think of the not-so-great Will Ferrell movie from 2020. However, when I think about Eurovision, the first thing that comes to mind is the Italian, alternative rock band Måneskin that rose to fame with their 2021 Eurovision win. Post-win, Måneskin have finally released their electric new album titled “Rush.”

Måneskin’s performances at Eurovision spread across social media, especially Tik-Tok for the band’s passionate rock music, gorgeous looks, and eccentric attitude. For example, one clip that shook the internet was a cover the band did of  “Kiss This” by The Struts that featured singer Damiano David dancing on a stripper pole as he sings. 

After all this internet hype, the band released their album “Rush” on January 20 after releasing four singles prior to the album. This is the band’s third studio album but it is the album that is going to show where the band fits into the popular music scene. It’s interesting to see how the band wanted to present themselves with this being their first album “in the public eye” to put it in simple terms. The album is a mix of alternative rock with elements from punk, pop, heavy metal, and many other genres, proving that Måneskin are a jack of many trades. 

The album opens with the track “Own My Mind” that’s reminiscent of songs the band has done before. It’s what fans would expect to hear from Måneskin, which isn’t a bad thing. The band have perfected what they’re best at; thumping and running bass, whiney guitar riffs, hard drums by drummer Ethan Torchio, and strong vocals, all elements seen in this song. It’s a good introduction to the album and gives hints of what’s to come, not to mention the chorus is super catchy with bassist Victoria De Angelis playing a funky rhythm to back the vocals. 

From the introductory track, the album continues into a previously released single called “Gossip” which features guitarist Tom Morello. This is another classic Måneskin style song but the guitar is most prominent in this one, probably due to Morello and Måneskin guitarist, Thomas Raggi. It’s consistent with the previous track and touches on the subject of fame and the gossip that comes with it. The theme of fame has become huge in Måneskin lyricism since Eurovision and is touched on throughout the entire album. In fact, I’d say that fame and relationships are the main themes of the album “Rush.”

There are 17 tracks on the album so it’s a bit too much to go track by track. Instead, we’ll just quickly overview some of the more forgetful tracks. Starting with the first slower song on the album, “Timezone” is a sweetheart song about being apart from the one you love but not letting that stop the relationship. While the lyrics to this song are so cheesy they remind me of pining after my internet friends in eighth grade, the sound to the song is actually pretty good and keeps this song stuck in my head regardless. This seems to be a consistent problem for the band across many tracks, especially the next song “Bla Bla Bla.” “Bla Bla Bla” to put it simply is blah. The sound is nice since there’s a lot of punk elements brought in but oh man the lyrics are so cringey. Basically it’s the band looking down on their exes who said they would never make it. It’s a bit childish but yet again weirdly catchy. 

Thankfully though, there are enough good songs to make up for the ones I’ll be skipping from now on. For instance, “Baby Said” and “Gasoline” are two of my personal favorites on the album but each take on two very different musical forms. “Baby Said” is an upbeat, pop-rock anthem about being stuck in the awkward phase of trying to start a relationship after just hooking up with someone. The melody of this song is one of the best off the album and it’s easy to get it stuck in your head with the pop-like chorus. Plus the guitar takes a melodic, lead stance in this song as well that’s something a little different for the band. “Gasoline” plays off a lot of these same traits but with a leading bass instead of guitar and a lot heavier sound. There are so many metal and punk influences in this anti-war anthem song, which fit perfectly with the theme of rebelling against war. I really like this one because David’s voice is so painstakingly passionate with lyrics wondering how one human being could kill another and be okay with that. 

A lot of the other tracks that follow “Gasoline” are similar to previous Måneskin songs with the same sound you’d expect to hear, they’re good songs but nothing particularly worth noting. However, there are a few special songs towards the end of the album that prove Måneskin are capable of more than even I give them credit for sometimes. There’s a track called “Kool Kids” which was recorded by David completely drunk, speaking in a thick British accent, very reminiscent of the Sex Pistols. Even the punk beats and low tuned instruments that follow David’s vocals sound Sex Pistols inspired. I’m not saying it’s the best rendition of a punk song ever done however I think the band shows promise in the punk genre. 

Another thing Måneskin does really well within this album are the two ballads they include in the tracklist, “If Not For You” and “The Loneliest.” David’s voice is one of the most emotional and passionate that I’ve heard in a long time and that’s really what makes these ballads work so well. “If Not For You” is an admiration for someone who has done a lot for you. It explores what would be missing without the one you love in your life. It’s touching but not overly done with quiet instrumentals. “The Loneliest” is stronger than the previous song and rather heartbreaking. It starts off a slow ballad with sad, lonely vocals before coming all together with the different instrumentals to create a power-rock ballad with Måneskin flair. It’s a ballad unlike anything I’ve heard before and the pre-chorus is possibly my favorite thing in the entire album. I think Måneskin really found a new niche in this song that’s reminiscent of their Italian, older hit “Torna a casa.” 

Unfortunately the Italian language used in “Torna a casa” isn’t seen much in the album “Rush.” However, the three songs that are in Italian are well done and each carry a different feeling. “Il Dono Della Vita” is a slower, psychedelic rock song, while “La Fine” takes upbeat hip-hop influences to create a rap-like track. Then “Mark Chapman” splits the middle of the two songs with an upbeat, alternative rock tune that’s like their song that got them famous on Eurovision titled “Zitti E Buoni.” 

While there are many ups and downs to Måneskin’s latest album “Rush,” I think the band showed their place in the music industry and shook what many alternative fans would normally listen to. Their combination of different genres on top of Italian influences and nothing but pure passion makes this album work completely as a whole. I won’t lie, not every track is a good one but I can guarantee there’s something for everyone to love when it comes to Måneskin’s talent. Plus, the band is so pretty, what is better than a pretty and talented band?