Students learn self defense on campus

Written By Alexis Wary, Staff Photographer

Living and traveling, especially alone, in a downtown city always has a risk. Many Point Park students have to worry about this when commuting to and from class, getting groceries, riding the bus, going for a walk, etc…

When looking for an event to host about health and safety, junior Caroline Inches, a Theater Production: Stage Management major, and her event partner, senior dance major Rosalie Anthony, wanted to address this issue. 

Inches really felt that holding this event could help educate students on how to feel more confident when traveling downtown since attacking events can happen at any time. Inches said, “We talk alot about Covid safety and how to keep yourself healthy, but never the safety of being downtown.”

Anthony also expressed how important she felt that students should have access to learning self defense. She really wants students to be able to focus on their wellness downtown and know how to keep themselves safe when traveling to class, events, or different activities around the city. 

Held in the Playhouse, Dr. Sean Martin held a 2 hour session teaching students basic

defense skills and techniques to protect themselves if they ever get attacked. He focused on showing the students the most effective skills to help get them out of a dangerous situation.

Students learned that in the event of an attack, always aim for the attackers eyes, throat, or ears. When hit correctly, any of these tactics can put someone down long enough for the victim to get away.

Being loud was also an important tactic to use. Most attackers’ main thought process is to not get caught. So when a lund noise, whether it is an alarm or your own voice, this could possibly scare them away or at least get someone’s attention who may be nearby. 

Part of the 2025 class, dance major Gaby Perez really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. She had first learned about this event when she saw a poster in the Boulevard apartments. Perez decided she wanted to participate since she never had a class before.

Traveling around a city can be dangerous which Perez understood. She felt that it was important to attend this class because defense skills are beneficial to learn. Perez wants to be prepared if she ever found herself in a threatening situation.

When it came to the event, Perez found the actual class to be educational. Perez said, “I learned different tactics and I like how Sean gave in-depth, real-life examples and explanations of how these tactics are effective and have helped save lots of individuals from serious danger or injury”.

She really enjoyed being able to actively practice the skills learned in the class after understanding the basics that were taught. Perez definitely wants to continue to learn more defense skills and would love to learn more in the future. 

Inches felt that the event also went super well and was definitely successful. She felt that the residents who attended the event were really engaged with him and the lessons he was teaching.

Many will find themselves or already have found themselves in a highly threatening situation where understanding the basics of self defense can save your life. Inches said, “ I feel like I would be comfortable in being able to know what to do to be able to get away to safety.”