“Where it all began,” Andrew McCutchen is coming back to Pittsburgh with one-year deal for 2023 season

Written By Indya Durham, Staff Writer

It’s a full circle moment for Andrew McCutchen, who is making a return to the organization that introduced him to the major leagues over a decade ago. Drafted in 2005 at 19 years old as a first round pick, McCutchen made his way to stardom and success, and earned the tag “McClutchen” from Yinzers.

As a Pirate, McCutchen was the National League Most Valuable Player in 2013, a five-time all star (2011-2015), a four-time Silver Slugger Award Winner (2012-2015), the 2012 Golden Glove winner and was honored with the Roberto Clemente Award in 2015. He helped guide the black and yellow back to the postseason for the first time in 20 years, as they defeated the rival Cincinnati Reds at PNC Park in 2013. 

In 2015, McCutchen would cut his iconic dreads, putting them up for auction as a means to raise money for charity. In 2019, McCutchen created “Cutch Charity Week” as he worked alongside Project Pittsburgh. The week was based on doing volunteer work around the Pittsburgh area, headed by Andrew and his wife, Maria. The week also highlighted the different non-profits that worked in the Pittsburgh area, as the McCutchen’s worked to highlight the work done by the different groups and raise donations for them throughout the days. 

The Fort Meade, Florida native made his professional debut in June of 2009 against the New York Mets, at 22 years old. He collected three runs, a Run Batted In, and a stolen base while going 2-for-4. After nine seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, McCutchen was sent to the San Francisco Giants. Just a few months later, he was traded to the New York Yankees. In 2019 McCutchen signed a three-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, and in 2022 a one-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. 

That leaves the veteran outfielder with a few jerseys with his name stitched onto its back, but none will shine brighter than the one with “Pittsburgh” printed right on the front. Just 14 days into the 2023 year, McCutchen posted a picture on his social media, standing in front of his MLB MVP award on his wall. Holding his two children, Steel and Armani, while wearing his jersey and Pirates baseball hat to the back. The caption states, “Where it all began”. In no time fans from all around the city began reposting and sharing their almost uncontainable joy from the news of the return. Following that post, multiple close sources to the Pirates began to spread the news that made the post and the rumors a reality.

With over 13 seasons under his belt,  McCutchen will be reunited with the Pittsburgh Pirates on a one year, five million dollar deal. As of publication, he stands 13 home runs away from 300, and 52 hits away from 2000; both major achievements in baseball.