Point Park needs to remove the printing budget

Written By Steph Weiland, Staff Writer

I’ve always wondered why the printing budget never showed up on the Lenovo computers. As someone who uses the school’s Lenovo computers daily, it would be nice if I could see my printing budget instead of having to calculate it by hand.


The Apple computers all have the printing budget but not not the Lenovo computers, this does not make any sense to me. I do not think it would have been that difficult to add the printing budget on the Lenovo computers too. Especially after IT had already figured out how to add the printing budget to the Apple computers. I feel like this oversight is a little bit lazy.


Also, with the amount that we pay for tuition, why are we limited to the amount that we can print? We already pay over 30,000 dollars a year to attend this institution. One would think they would just include the printing budget with that. 


When working on Lenovo computers and printing often, my printing budget had

reached an all-time low last semester. IT decided to email me with less than two weeks left in the semester to let me know my printing budget was sitting at a dollar twenty. I wish that there were a way that I could see my printing budget on the desktop that I chose to work on. Granted my budget was quite low because I had been printing off many papers for my own research. 


It is a relatively small issue, but something that could easily be addressed and would benefit the student body. Most of the computers in areas with printers, like the library or Thayer Hall lab, are Lenovo’s, so even students who don’t write their papers are being affected by this.