Student picks for who the next university president should be

Written By The Globe Editorial Staff

Note: The choices of students in this article are not meant to be taken seriously.

Due to Don Green’s recent resignation from Point Park, students and staff have been given some time to speculate who the next president of the university might be.

Chloe Larue, sophomore criminal justice major, has heard things going around about Ice Spice. She believes that Spice could be the next President at Point Park.

“I keep seeing things going around on social media,” Larue said. “Someone’s going to get in contact with her cause I mean she’s pretty popular, but not as popular as you know, like Beyoncé or someone like that. So, I think she’s obtainable.”

Laure said that someone might “make a petition soon enough” in favor of Ice Spice.

On the other hand, Jordan Staff, senior community psychology major, doesn’t “care” about who the next president of the university is going to be.

“Why does this affect me, and I said ‘I hope he’s okay, but also like why do I care?’” Staff said. “Unless this is going to decrease my tuition, get me free parking or give me something like why do I care who the President of the college is?”

Staff thinks that a good candidate for the next president of Point Park would be Emma Stone.

“I’m down with her; she’s like a party, but she’s also smart,” Staff said. “I don’t know Emma Stone, but she’s charismatic. She’s got the star power.”

Kyle Archer, a broadcasting graduate assistant at the university, had several ideas of who the next president could be.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a really long time,” Archer said. “The first one, probably Doja Cat because she’s been kind of like skyrocketing and kind of like taking control, showing a lot of representation in a bunch of different forms.”

As for his second idea, Archer said that Kermit the Frog might work well in the position. Archer said that it would be “the best of both worlds” if “we could just get Doja Cat and Kermit the frog to do like a co-presidency thing.”

“Kermit has been teaching the Youth of America ever since you know he really started,” Archer said. “He’s shining the spotlight. He knows what he’s doing, and I think a current Kermit the Frog running as a collegiate professor would be a really good thing.”

Laure shared how she felt about Green’s sudden resignation.

“It’s sad; I mean, I don’t know much about him but it’s sad and suspicious at the same time,” Laure said. “I mean, I liked him. He was pretty cool and nice when he came to the freshman class. He was pretty jumpy and nice.”

Archer had similar feelings. He said that a new president would affect the culture in the university.

“I think that really just depends on who comes in next,” Archer said. “If they can mesh well with the students immediately or if they’re kind of like a shy type of person that stays and does their own business. Yeah, it’s definitely going to affect it, no matter who comes in.”