Jimmy Johns causes upset with poorly made Beech Club Sandwich

Written By Cassandra Harris, News Editor

For a shop that I often swear by, Jimmy John’s made a grave mistake. A few weeks ago, I went to get lunch there and they entirely messed up my order. To say the least, it’s given me trust issues for every time I visited after.

Before this occurrence I had never eaten avocado on a sandwich before. So, to make my friend proud I took a little visit to Jimmy John’s to expand my horizons.

As someone who only lived near a Subway as a child, going to Jimmy John’s is a massive step up. The bread and deli are really fresh and the mayo really brings out the sandwich flavor. The condiment leaves a perfect balance when it comes to the soft inside of the sandwich and the firm outside of the bread.

From my white, middle class perspective and as an overall disclaimer, Jimmy John’s has fantastic food.

Yet how terribly can someone mess up a sandwich?

On their menu Jimmy John’s serves the Beach Sandwich, and like I said this was my first time ever trying avocado in this format. It comes with turkey, provolone, cucumber and avocado. Like all of the other subs, it also comes with tomato, lettuce and mayo. I asked for no tomatoes.

When I received the sandwich I had an open mind, I was ready to try something new. I saw tomatoes on it but it was no big deal, so I picked them off, but this sandwich was all kinds of messed up.

The first bite was confusing, I continued until I realized I was eating peppers. Two kinds of peppers. Again, I continued, no big deal.

I cannot reiterate this enough. It was my first time eating avocado like this so I just assumed that it would taste a little different or weird. This was the foulest sandwich that I ever had.

Not only did it have tomatoes when I requested them not to give me any, but it also had two different types of peppers, and dill pickles on top of the cucumbers. I genuinely wanted to try something new, but I learned absolutely nothing about the true taste of avocado from that experience.

I didn’t ask for pickles, or peppers! Let alone two kinds of peppers. Call me picky but I really don’t like dill pickles. When I first received the sandwich, I thought that the weirdly shaped cucumbers were just extra cucumbers from the kind, kind soul that put it together. I had no idea that the dill I tasted the entire time was coming from actual dill pickles.

May I remind you again that this was my first-time trying avocado on a sandwich. I gaslit myself into believing that the terrible-ness was all just coming from it. I really tried to give avocado and Jimmy John’s Beach Club a chance, I really did.

I know that I should have given it back, but I sat there in silence while I ate this thing. I don’t care if the workers are underpaid, just please do your job and get my sandwich right. I’ve gone to the place with friends since and have reverted back to my classic pick, the Country Club.

However, I wasn’t going to let my bad experience stop me from trying avocado on a sandwich again. Even after trying it for a second time, I have deduced that avocado is bad, I don’t like it. I just wish that I could have figured this out the first time without all the unnecessary ingredients I didn’t order.