NF introduces new era to rap genre

Written By August Stephens, Opinions Editor

NF, Nathan John Feuerstein, is an American rapper who has been ripping through the hip hop music scene. As a person of faith, he is often able to tie his relationship with God into his lyrics. Feuerstein also naturally discusses what being in the spotlight of fame is like in the modern age of social media in 2023.

The first of the latest releases from NF is titled, “HOPE.” This will be the name of his upcoming album. The music video could be described as reinstating his brand image, while bringing in a new wave of brutal integrity.

NF holds true to his past self during the five minute video which might as well have been a short film. He is pictured alone on a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean for most of the video, connecting to the theme of how having hope can be the only way out of a distressing situation.

The switch from a dark, brooding demeanor to a lighter one may show fans that, although cheesy, there is a path to recovery. There may be a chance to make your life better as a whole if you take it. NF works consistently, and often blows rap artists out of the water, but is still hardly often recognized. For reference, he is the 307th artist in the world according to Spotify. He only collaborates with artists who he believes genuinely respects him as a person.

NF’s second song which has been released from the album is, “MOTTO.” Motto immediately pictures the musician at a sort of awards show. NF quickly moves around other pretend celebrities, even driving his own car to the red carpet to emphasize that he is not comparable to the people there. Although I have a distinct admiration and appreciation for NF, it is my hope that he does not make this the entire focus of his musical career. If anyone has the chance to see him live, they should do so immediately.

His insistence that his fame is different from any other famous person builds a victim complex with his work. Although I understand that his intent is not to make millions of dollars and ignore his fanbase, he is still a popular artist. At a certain point the firmness of him saying that he is different than every other rapper has the capability to damage his reputation.

NF’s attitude could easily influence the new wave of music he is planning on releasing through this new album. The set list of the album is already available for fans to view. I do believe he will play into the themes from his 2015 album, Mansion, due to the teasers in the “HOPE” music video. His confidence in the fact that he is ultra-individualistic will either artistically alter the route of his career or maintain the loyal fanbase he already has. Either way, NF deserves more recognition for unabashedly creating a space for young people to heal from their trauma.