SGA holds final events of the semester and prepares for next year

Written By Cassandra Harris and Erin Yudt

Last Wednesday, the Student Government Association (SGA) held one of their last meetings of the semester in Village Park. The organization also held several events throughout the week like Meet the Presidents, an event to meet newly elected SGA’s president and vice-president, and Pioneer Community Day, a day dedicated to raising money for local charity and helping clean up the area around campus.


This Wednesday the organization will be holding an event called “Painting the Quaint,” where students can relax and help paint SGA’s student complaint boxes. The plan is to put these boxes all throughout campus for easier access, as the organization would only hold student complaint events occasionally throughout the semesters and have only one box out all the time outside their office, which is on the 7th floor of the Student Center.


“Once the painted boxes are done, we are going to go to Dean Gieseke and put them all throughout campus and close to every door,” Palombo said. “Wherever we put them, I want to put a sign above it that says voice your concerns here… there will be paper and pens or you can just scan the QR code on the box and poster to submit concerns that way.”


Franie Bracey, current chief of staff, said that it has been a struggle for the organization to accurately represent students.


“I think these boxes will help remind students that we are an organization on campus that is here to help and represent them,” Bracey said. “The number of boxes and exact locations are to be determined, but this is something that we should have done a long time ago.”


Students also shared some of their concerns during these last meetings and events.


Richie Nartey, a sophomore sports arts and entertainment major, spoke about creating more connections between student-run organizations and the Point Park official Instagram for better promotions.


“And as as a music artist, I feel like there should be more events to bring in more artists to campus, like Point Park Goes Hollywood…I thought it really went really well, and I just thought that they should do a better job promoting it,” Nartey said. “One of the things that I thought they could do to help events in general, and clubs all coming together, so more people know about different events is using the Point Park main Instagram and do collaborative posts with the sharing of a post between accounts.” 


Nartey also spoke on the timing of campus events and after-the-fact promotions. 


“Also, sometimes the scheduling of the events for people who did want to go was inconvenient,” Nartey said. “Some students would be on Thursday ‘why is this event from six to eight’, and people will be in class from six to nine…there should be something where the conversation of figuring out how we can get more people the opportunity. You can’t just make people go, but a collaborative post before and after is a way of just more exposure.” 


Palombo said that issues like these are what he “wants to work on right away.”


SGA is still looking for senators for the next academic year.