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Health center offers free sex safety box delivery to on campus students

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A look into the contents of the sex safety boxes that can be ordered once a month by students.

Here at Point Park, there is a new initiative from the health center starting this month called Glove Box. Glove Box is a condom distribution program that will deliver students an array of sex safety products like condoms, dental dams and lube montly, right to their dorm.

According to the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), 94% of college students are sexually active and “many engage in a wide variety of sexual risk behaviors that can have long-lasting impacts.” It’s no surprise that there is a huge demand for sex products on college campuses and why university health centers, like Point Park’s, are taking responsibility to provide these products for students. 

Rebecca Harper is the director of Health Services at Point Park, on campus students know her best as “Nurse Rebecca.” She is one woman show behind this project.

“In preparation for this school year, I began looking at other university health centers to see what initiatives they have in general,” Harper said. “ I came across the University of Connecticut who started a condom distribution initiative and that gave me the idea.”

While the idea was sourced from the University of Connecticut, Harper has adapted the idea to make it Point Park-friendly and to best accommodate students. The boxes, which can be ordered until September 21, will be delivered door to door for those who live on campus.  

This brings up an important question about Glove Box: are students who live off campus being left out? 

“I wish they offered this service when I lived on campus last year,” Sophomore Lydia Zarefoss, a sports, arts and entertainment management (SAEM) major, said. “I know a lot of people who would have taken advantage of free condoms.”

Those who live off campus can still utilize the health center for free sex safety products, but Glove Box does not offer off-campus delivery at this time. 

In the past, if students wanted condoms or other sex products, they had to, and still can, swing by the nurse’s office in the Student Center. In some students’ opinion, there wasn’t a lot of action being taken to help get the products into students’ hands. 

Avery Jerina is a sophomore broadcast reporting major who no longer lives on campus, but had some opinions on this new initiative. 

“I think it’s an interesting idea,” Jerina said. “I can see kids abusing this and ordering them as pranks. I can see it working but I’m worried, due to immaturity, it could go the wrong way. I’m glad to hear they’re doing more though since I haven’t seen a lot of actions taken to make sure students are having safe and protected sex.”

Taking action is exactly what Harper is planning to do this school year, but the fishbowl full of condoms and lube will still be available in the health center for students in a pinch. She’s also accounted for students who may abuse this service.

“The bottom line is it’s not a joke,” Harper said. “Condoms aren’t funny.” 

There are a lot of exciting partnerships coming in Glove Boxes later this semester. The November Glove Box has a special partnership that students should keep an eye out for.  

The Glove Box initiative costs the university $0 thanks to the Allegheny County Health Department, who will provide 1,000 “pieces” a month to the program including condoms, dental dams and lube. In order to ensure a range of products that will suit everyone’s needs. Harper is continually reaching out to companies for donations to bring more variety to the boxes.  

To order September’s Glove Box, visit either the health center website or follow the link through Point Sync. Supplies are limited and orders will be capped at 200 to 250 boxes.

“When I started thinking of how I could do this, I just wanted to figure out how I could get as many condoms as possible into kids’ hands,” Harper said.

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