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The Globe Staff pays homage to Mandarin Gourmet

Photo by Caleb McCartney
Inside Mei Mei’s Mandarin Gourmet, which is set to close at the end of the month.

With the announcement of Pittsburgh staple restaurant Mandarin Gourmet closing, we must pay tribute to the place that has filled our hungry college students’ stomachs time and time again. To many, the restaurant has been a constant and a confidant. From walking by on the way to the University Center to fighting the lanternflies and street harassers by the main entrance to enjoying the downright amazing food and fast service, Mandarin will truly be missed. Here is The Globe staff’s personal ode to Mandarin Gourmet:


Erin Yudt, Editor-In-Chief

Mandarin Gourmet was one of the first restaurants I ate at when I came to Point Park. I had heard about the famous place where Mr. Rogers and Tom Hanks sat and knew I had to take friends I had just met to the establishment. Every time I think of Mandarin, I think of the pure joy I felt when starting out school, meeting new people, being truly independent for the first time, and beginning a new chapter. We ordered from Mandarin quite often for The Globe. The food, service, and atmosphere was always amazing. Thank you, Mandarin and Will, for all the great memories. You will truly be missed. 


Cassandra Harris, Editor-Elect

Over my past year at Point Park, I’ve only ever eaten at Mandarin Gourmet twice. I can remember ordering food in the middle of class on their website, having no idea what anything was. I was getting the food to eat just right before The Globe meeting, so when I walked over to the restaurant to pick it up, I was in a rush; I asked for chopsticks and left. When I got back to the office the chopsticks were missing, which to be completely honest ruined my whole experience. Returning Globe staff should be able to recall my whining and journey that afternoon, retracing my steps from the office to the Boulevard, unable to find them. I came back to the office and started eating my rice and chicken with a plastic fork, and the food was good. However, the portion was a bit large and I was disappointed. After eating about half of my food I caved in and walked all the way back to Mandarin. Outside the door, I found my chopsticks had fallen right out of my bag onto the concrete. I joyfully picked up the chopsticks, walked back to the office and finished my rice, which tasted far better than before. Now that they’re closing, I’m sad I won’t get to eat any more super crunchy egg rolls. 


Carson Folio, Co-Opinions Editor

The food at Mandarin Gourmet was amazing; they are the only Asian restaurant I ever visited that put real crab in their Crab Rangoon. However, the food was only half of what made it a favorite destination. I do not remember what started this, but anytime I went to Mandarin, Will always knew exactly how to jokingly make fun of me in front of my friends. I will never forget how many times he’d skip over me when ordering, or ask about everyone’s day and say “I don’t care” as soon as I started talking – just for him to be like “no, I do care.” He is a legend, and nothing and nobody will be able to replicate the feeling of eating some of the best food I have ever eaten while Will was praying on my downfall at the same time. All in jest, of course. 


Michelangelo Pellis, Co-news Editor 

Mandarin Gourmet will always hold a fond place in my heart. One of my favorite memories of last school year, my first year here at Point Park, took place there. Gathered around the big round table, my friends and I celebrated one last night together on campus with a “family dinner.” We didn’t typically go out for dinner. Usually, we were resigned to the dining hall. Since it was such a special occasion, however, we knew there was only one place we wanted to eat at: Mandarin.

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