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University replaces previous WiFi network for PioneerNet

According to an email from Point Park’s Information Technology Services (IT), “PioneerNet is now the new campus WiFi network.” It was implemented to replace the previous WiFi network and PointParkWebLogon.

According to Vice President of the IT department, Tim Wilson, the change is not just in the name but also to potential improvement to connection. 

“We wanted to improve the wireless experience for our students, faculty and staff,” Wilson said. “One of the biggest improvements was that we are now placing hospitality-style access points inside resident spaces to improve coverage and reliability.”

Junior Garrett Feder majors in sports, arts and entertainment management. He had a chance to test the WiFi after moving in and within the first week of classes. 

“I think it’s a little bit better than last year so far,” Feder said. “I think it’s just annoying how it always kicks you off, and sometimes, it’ll connect you to it right away.” 

At the time of the interview, so far he had the opportunity to use the network at Boulevard Apartments, West Penn and Village park. There are three different PioneerNet networks. 

“The main one we’re supposed to use is PioneerNet now,” Feder said. “But I don’t even know why they have the other ones as an option if they have the main WiFi.” 

In an email sent out by IT, instructions are provided for how each of the three networks should be utilized. PioneerNet is for daily use on computers, iPhones and iPads. PioneerNet-PSK is specifically for a smart device or game system and PioneerNet-Guest is for events scheduled around the university.

“If you are a faculty or a staff member who needs guest WiFi for an event…” the email said,“Please ensure that this is requested when scheduling the event with Conference and Events Services.”

Feder noted that compared to last year, so far the network connection is good. 

“The WiFi is not too bad; it’s better than last year,” Feder said. “But sometimes it’ll fluctuate depending where you’re at, like from three bars to like two.”

He has experienced the connection worsening in Village Park and when more students are accessing the Wi-Fi at a time. 

Jayden Williams is a Junior dance major who lives in Boulevard Apartments. Through his experience he disagrees with Feder and thinks that the WiFi connection this year is worse than in the past. He shares his frustration on how consistently he is logged out of the network.

“I do feel like we shouldn’t have to sign in every time we have to use the Wi-Fi,” Williams said. “It’s just too much. If you can just connect to it, that would be really great.”

According to Wilson, not having an “‘open’ Wi-Fi environment,” requires students to log back into the Wi-Fi every time. 

“Only Point Park students, faculty and staff are able to authenticate to it,” Wilson said, referring to the network forcing users to consistently sign in. “This will require this process to happen when joining the network. When you start and stop service to the network it will require authentication.” 

Williams said he has experienced varying speed depending on where he is on campus.

“It works in every location I’ve logged into so far,” Williams said. “It’s just really slow, but for some reason when I’m in Lawrence Hall or like Academic Hall, it works faster, but in Boulevard, it’s slower.”

Wilson recommends that if a student, faculty or staff member is having difficulties with the new campus Wi-Fi they can report it to the University IT Helpdesk. For extra support, students, faculty and staff can also access pointpark.freshservice.com with their university username and password to submit a support request.

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