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Be Your Own Pet returns with edgy album “MOMMY”

Content Warning: This article contains brief mentions of mental, verbal, and physical abuse. 

Formed in 2006 in the Nashville music scene, punk band “Be Your Own Pet” is packing the end of 2023 with a noteworthy punch. Their first album in fifteen years, “MOMMY,” is what any punk, romantic or person looking for the next indie movie soundtrack feature needs to hear. 

Besides their headfirst dive into the punk scene in the early 2000s, their most recent surge of popularity came from their song “Becky” from the album “Get Awkward” which went viral on TikTok. This sudden surge of angst-loving fans placed the group back into the loud, fast-paced spotlight they are familiar with.

Largely centered around sadomasochistic themes and imagery, “MOMMY” puts the stress of capitalistic work culture and patriarchal norms on the table. The electric and repetitive opening of “Worship the Whip” details the pressure felt by those coerced into fulfilling all expectations placed in front of them. 

The album slides into the nostalgic, chant-like mantra of “Goodtime!” which is a magnum opus and a testament to the confusion of becoming an adult. Although it may seem to happen slowly, it also happens all at once, and you’re unsure if your friends hate or love you after midnight spent alone with your thoughts. 

Jemina Pearl, lead singer, echoes 80s rock continuity, with the band simultaneously backing and highlighting her voice. Electric guitar riffs, drum solos and complimentary screaming? Yes, please. 

A nod to Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Bad Mood Rising ” gives solutions to the endless self-spiraling that can happen as a result of mental health changes. Although each song carries similar notes of feminine rage, power and instrumental experimentation, every song has its own difference, which makes them identifiable from a crowd of other music. 

A personal favorite, “Pleasure Seeker,” is an out-of-place tune which breaks into a groove meant for chilly, sunset summer night drives and teenage coming-of-age scenes. The mindless loop of hardcore tempo allows for the listener to let every chord and lyric to wash over them, while relaxing into dance-worthy notes. 

“Rubberist” messes with the youthful desire to give everything for someone you want to date. The vocal overlays bring a powerful tone to the instrumental suspense shortly introduced. 

“Big Trouble” brings the loop of patriarchal expectations and sexism full circle, touching on the backlash which often comes with speaking out. Pearl halted her music career due to the excessive misogyny in the music and media industries in the mid-2000s, along with the continuous groping and harassment at her shows when stage diving. 

“Hand Grenade” renounces any ounce of doubt, guilt and shame felt from being attacked or assaulted, verbally or physically. It’s the taking-back-power song of the decade. 

“Drive” and “Teenage Heaven” close out “MOMMY” with a slower, Paramore-esque preach focusing on having someone to hold onto, even in a way which flirts with unhealthy relationship mindsets. 

“Be Your Own Pet” has announced West Coast tour dates. Their “Teenage Heaven” dates will cover US and UK locations as of the release date of this article. “MOMMY” is available on music streaming platforms.

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