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Take comfort in the unknown, and finish out this semester strong.

Post-fall break season is one of the toughest times of the year. Okay great, we all get to experience on-campus life again, but only for two weeks. Suddenly everything wraps itself into the quiet hustle and bustle of finals week, last-minute gift buying and trying not to cry on public transit. We’ve all been there, right?

The possibility of dragging yourself to class may seem more like a distant dream than reality, but it is possible. We’ve all worked incredibly hard these past 12 weeks, whether it’s noticeable outwardly or not. If there was any time for people to let go of their dependence on academic validation, now is the time. At the end of the semester, we are all working towards the end goals of good grades and enjoying a well-rounded college experience, and I think that focusing on living one day at a time is the first step to accomplishing these goals.

It’s important to remember that we are not just students. We are also friends, significant others, relatives, youths, professionals and any other label that people use in an attempt to define us. While we are students, we should also feel able to be ourselves outside of class, even if it can be difficult to break out of the classroom mindset, especially when participating in extracurriculars.

In periods of time that feel most demanding, it’s so important to take a step back. We need to be comfortable recognizing when the situations we find ourselves in cause us stress, as this allows for self-reflection. Burnout can sneak up on anyone and recognizing its symptoms can help you find out what you are truly passionate about and what you can handle.

I always recommend checking in with your friends. Asking the question, “How are you, really?” can elicit emotional, powerful responses. It’s easy to feel alone, but you should also remember that there is always someone for you, platonically or romantically.

Having friends around you while adulting can also make activities like running errands, doing laundry and figuring out how taxes work feel like less of a chore. Suddenly, you have someone you can bond with over how meaningless and stressful the tasks of your everyday may feel in the moment. Plus, if you see fit, you can get a built-in coffee date out of the time together.

We can all benefit from embracing the messages of the winter season – rest, appreciation and compassion, to our fullest extent. If we feel at peace with ourselves, then we can feel at peace with others.

Although it sounds cheesy, welcome the positivity of a new season– and hopefully the replenished energy– into your life to end the semester with a bang. In a space where the world is constantly changing, flow with it. This may seem impossible at times, but we are all capable of change. Work actively against the structures that hold people down– and work to build routines that uphold you, your well-being and your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we are all on a floating rock in space, and the potential within this space rock is beautiful. Do your best, Pioneers, because at that is what counts and genuinely matters today and in every moment.

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