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Holly Pascoe wins RSC Offensive Player and Player of the Year for Women’s Soccer

Holly Pascoe controls the ball in the playoff game against Rio Grande.
Photo by Antonio Bastolla
Holly Pascoe controls the ball in the playoff game against Rio Grande.

Though the ultimate championship title was not achieved, Point Park women’s soccer was not without its accolades. Senior Midfielder Lorena Montanes was named the River States Conference (RSC) Newcomer of the Year, while senior forward Holly Pascoe was awarded both RSC Offensive Player of the Year and RSC Player of the Year. 


I’m proud of those accolades and achievements from this year,” Holly told The Globe. “There’s always a race to the top against other top players in the league, so I’m happy to see that all the early mornings and sacrifices helped to propel me in the right direction. Even so, none of it is as satisfying without coming away with a conference title or a bid to nationals.”


In her senior season, Pascoe put up 16 goals and 9 assists for a total of 41 points on the year. 


“My favorite part of the season has been the support from our staff, teammates and students,” Pascoe said. “The players on this team are extremely dedicated, and I have loved having conversations about how we can do more and be better. Our media team, the PPU faculty and students are always asking us about our games or coming out to support us and that has been really cool too.”


Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Holly Pascoe’s soccer journey has been one that has spanned the majority of her lifetime. 


“I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember, but I never considered it to be something I could go places with until about the middle of high school,” Pascoe said.


For every athlete in any sport, they never go through their athletic journey alone. There are always people who are there to help you along the way. 


“There’s a few people that come to mind. I have a friend back home that encouraged me in high school to pursue soccer more and start playing in better leagues, so without her encouragement I would never have had this career or made it to America to play,” Pascoe said. “My dad has also been important in my journey. He was a player himself so he always helps me debrief games, but more than that he has always supported every decision I made regarding soccer. If we talk about year-to-year, my team is the most important thing to me. As a group, you all go through things together, and you need to be able to support and encourage one-another. A good team off the field makes a good team on the field, so cultivating those relationships is so important.”


At the end of anyone’s time in college, the question is always, what’s next?


 “I don’t know really,” Pascoe said. “First, I plan to do everything that I never had the time to do as a player. After I explore a little, I hope to get back into coaching or playing in some way so that I don’t lose the game.”


Even though she will be graduating next semester, Pascoe does not plan to lose touch with her teammates at all. 


“I will definitely see my teammates again,” Pascoe said, “We come from all over the world to be a part of this team, and now that we’re leaving I hope to be able to visit my friends in all their home states and countries.”


Holly’s accomplishments this season would be nothing without her teammates, and she knows that very well. 


“My teammates mean everything to me here,” Pascoe said. “I want to thank them for making sacrifices to be a part of something so great and to encourage them to continue to cultivate that team environment. These players have been my support system for the past two years here, and I hope that they always continue to support one another and pull each other through.” 


Holly, who was the Pioneer’s team captain, would not be the leader she is if she did not have some final words of wisdom to share with her beloved teammates. 


“You are all kind, dedicated and hilarious people, and I’m going to miss seeing everyone every day,” Pascoe said. “This team is special because of the people that are in it. Use this to your advantage and let the relationships shape you as people and players.”

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