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The best study spaces on campus to cram for finals

One of several study spaces in the University Center, the old bank vault is an underrated space.
Photo by Michelangelo Pellis
One of several study spaces in the University Center, the old bank vault is an underrated space.

As finals week is officially next week, it is grind time. We all may try to prevent work from piling up due to procrastination, but it is inevitable in our busy lives as college students. Having a good study space is crucial for recalling information that you have not looked at in months and typing papers longer than a textbook, so here is my ranking of study spaces on campus:


Best space for those who like to work with background noise:


Point Perk is great for those who need some caffeine and commotion to focus. I love taking one of the larger tables in the back corner, sitting criss-cross applesauce in the booth and spreading out all my materials. The back booths also have outlets close by, which is essential for a longer studying session. This space is also great if you need little social breaks because you will of course run into someone you know. 


As Point Perk has limited hours and is closed on the weekends, a good substitute would be any place on campus with high traffic – like the lobbies of Academic and Lawrence Halls.However, my favorite lobby is the Boulevard Apartments lobby. There are always people loudly walking outside, doors that are noisily opening and closing  and Village Park rats audibly scurrying both indoors and outdoors.


Best space for those who like silence:


Now this space is more for post-class time, but any empty classroom is great for those who need absolute silence. I specifically like the classrooms with no windows in the University Center because they are the best for silence, but the classrooms on the third floors of Academic and West Penn have closer restroom access and are better for longer sessions. I would also recommend just going into a classroom that you already have a class in. Sometimes being in the same classroom can put you into work mode faster and can help you remember topics from class. You can also spread out all your study materials on the empty tables and control the lighting.


Underrated space:


An absolutely underrated study space on campus is the bank vault in the University Center. It is probably the most aesthetically pleasing outside of the second floor of Lawrence (c’mon no one calls it the Harry Potter room) and easily the most comfortable with the bean bag chairs. If you need a table, simply take one of the chairs from the tables outside the vault. It is also pretty quiet and convenient. If you need a little snack break, go downstairs to the vending machine. If you forget your textbook, the library most likely will have it. If you need help on a research paper, a librarian can help. Need to print some flashcards? Boom, there’s a printer like 100 steps from the vault. Need an adapter to upload and edit photos and videos? SPS is right there. 


Overrated space:


Do not waste your time fighting to reserve a private study space room in the University Center’s basement. The private study spaces are good in theory but have always been a miss for me. It is usually oddly humid in the rooms, the chairs are kind of uncomfortable and are not good for plus-size, criss-cross applesauce sitting. You can also hear people in other rooms through the vents, which defeats the purpose of the room in the first place. I have also never been able to connect my computer to the television screen, a key reason for renting out one of the larger rooms. The only helpful thing is that you cannot really dilly-dally by people-watching, and the bright light is good for late-night studying, tricking the brain into thinking it is daytime. 


Best spot overall:


This one might be a little controversial, but I am a huge fan of doing work in my dorm. There is something extra soothing and calming about being in my own space, not worrying about random distractions except for roommates. Having all of your chargers, textbooks and office supplies in your desk instead of digging through your backpack is great as well. All of your snacks are in one space too. Studying in your dorm is just a time saver in general, and time is of the essence during finals season. Do not do your work in your bed, however. You will be distracted and fall asleep. Reward yourself with a five-minute lay break on your bed for every hour you are at your desk instead. 


Best of luck with finals, Pioneers! You got this!

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