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Ritik’s Bank Market opens next to University Center

Photo by Cassandra Harris
Outside Ritik’s Bank Market to the right of the University Center, where the old Sally’s was located.

As of Christmas, Ritik’s Bank Tower Market filled a vacant storefront next to Point Park’s Student Center, leaving it sandwiched between two smoke shops. 


However, along with an assortment of vapes, cigarettes and marijuana, the Market also offers essentials such as clothes, medicine, ice cream, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen food, cleaner, paper towels, cat and dog food, and more.


Nick Kalra is one of two cashiers at Ritik’s Market. Ritik Masson, his brother, is the other cashier who switches shifts with him. He said that Masson opened the Market because he didn’t believe that there was a good convenience store location for students and workers in the area.


“We just want to try to make it convenient for everybody and try to make some money,” Kalara said. “A safer location then also.“


Although the two brothers consider themselves a corner store more than a smoke shop, the sudden move-in has made some students wary. 


Grace Kozak has not yet visited Ritiki’s Market and at the time of the interview was unaware that the market was more than a smoke shop. 


“I think there’s a smoke shop right on the other side of the library and then I think that there’s another one on the side of the street,” Kozak said. “I just feel like it adds to something that doesn’t need to be going on.” 


The shop across the street, Beer, Lime and Sunshine, is also owned by Masson, but its purpose is just to sell alcohol and cigarettes. He opened The Bank Tower Market because he saw the opportunity to also satisfy a customer base of students and workers in the area.


The brothers get all of their merchandise from places like Walmart and other wholesale markets. Every two days they switch out most food and fruit. Kalra estimated that their rent for the market is around $3,000 per month.


When asked, Kalra said that he has gotten some crazy people in the store, but he and his brother do not let those people inside. He said that they want to create a friendly environment so that students and other customers feel safe and welcome.


“We’re getting a really good response,” Kalra said. “They come to buy groceries, everything, stuff like toilet paper. I ask my customers every time somebody comes. If I don’t have something, I ask the customer to let me know and I’ll bring it.”


Business management senior, Jags Jhawar visits the market when he’s coming to and from the University Center. He said that he likes to buy their protein shakes and purchase late night snacks.


“I feel like it’s fairly convenient for all the people who live on campus just to go there and shop or whatever they need,” Jhawar said. “I prefer going there than going to any place that is away from campus.”


In the future the brothers plan to also sell a variety of frozen slushies. Ritiki’s Bank Tower Market is open from 8:00 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. seven days a week.

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