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‘Burgh Bites: Simple Greek is simply affordable

Photo by Cassandra Harris
Chicken gyro and avgolemono soup from Simple Greek.

Rating: 4.5/5 Globes

I have absolutely no shame ordering from the kids menu and you shouldn’t either as a broke college student. I was completely unaware that there was another affordable kids item hiding under my nose this entire time in Market Square. 


Simple Greek has a kids-sized bowl and small drink on their menu for $7.49. For the quantity of food they give out, the price is completely worth it.


My kid’s bowl came with a bed of brown rice, the traditional gyro which was a little spicy, really soft broccoli, garlic sour cream, lettuce, cheese, cucumbers and half a pita. Mixed all together it was weird having strips of gyro in a bowl without it being cut up first. The vegetables were layered thickly on top and it was difficult trying to reach the bottom. That was probably because there was just so much food put compactly into this small bowl.


Their Greek Fries were a little expensive at $5.99, which I wouldn’t recommend for the price, but they were very delicious. They were soft with feta cheese and red wine vinegar on top, creating a sour flavor. Eating away the fries from the top layer left the ones at the bottom with less flavor.


I was able to order so many things at Simple Greek because of the prices, which did not reflect the quantity of food I received. Kept in their refrigerator is a Baklava cheesecake. The top crust is flaky like a croissant and the bottom is layered in a sweet pecan crust. The center has nuts layered throughout too, but the white cheesecake cream is very delicious with the added texture. 


I would only recommend this to nut lovers and people who can deal with a nut texture being mixed throughout their desserts. The cheesecake was $6.50. 


On a separate day I ordered their Gyro Pita, which came to $10.25, around the price of the dining hall. This thing was massive, it came with their chicken gyro, garlic cream, feta cheese and cucumber all inside of a pita wrap.


While the chicken gyro had a weird smoky aftertaste, again the sheer quantity of the food in this thing was great for the price. It didn’t taste bad either with all of the vegetables and everything added, and when I finished it later for dinner without putting it in the refrigerator or anything, it tasted good cold.


The last dish I tried at Simple Greek was the avgolemono soup, which was very well the most unique soup I have ever tried. It had a bed of white rice and a lemon soup base with chicken. For just $3.99 it was incredibly filling and came with pita on the side. Yet, the soup was very sour and truly is for a set of acquired taste buds. 


For my recap, the food at Simple Greek is yummy, cheap and comes in large quantities. I 100% recommend coming here to get the kids’ meal to save your money.

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