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Globe’s Point: We need better and faster communication from campus police

November 30, 2022
Welcome back from Thanksgiving break, Pioneers! We hope everyone had a restful time, whether you went home or stayed in the area, and are a little more charged to get through these last few weeks before finals. However, there is something we need to address that occurred right before break.

Globe’s Point: Have a great Thanksgiving break!

November 16, 2022
Happy last issue before Thanksgiving break, Pioneers! It’s hard to believe that this is already week 12. We are so close to the end of the semester that it is in hand’s reach. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work. 

Globe’s Point: Accept the election results

November 10, 2022
Well, Pioneers, midterm elections are officially over. The months of political ads showing up on every media and social platform are over as well. We hope you had the chance to practice your right to vote and made your voice heard, whether in-person at the polls or voting by mail. 

Globe’s Point: Schedule your classes and vote

November 2, 2022
Happy week 10 of classes, Pioneers! It is hard to believe that the first group for course registration opens tomorrow. A new semester is upon us, opening new opportunities. 

Globe’s Point: We deserve more than one mental health day

October 26, 2022
This Tuesday was the first annual Pioneer Pause, aimed to “raise awareness of the importance of mental health, while also strengthening our connections across the campus community,” according to the university’s website page for the event, filled with mental health focused activities and events.

Globe’s Point: Please practice self-care during midterm week

October 19, 2022
Happy midterms week, Pioneers! We are officially halfway through the semester! We sincerely hope everyone has been having a great semester so far and have been able to get rest and relaxation throughout the chaos of it all.

Globe’s Point: The Globe stands in support of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike

October 12, 2022
The Globe stands in solidarity and in full support with striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette workers.

Globe’s Point: Please return the dining hall plates

October 5, 2022
Well, 953 missing plates from the dining hall was not what we thought we would be addressing this week, but here we are.

Globe’s Point: Your Mental Health Matters

September 28, 2022
This week the Center for Media Innovation (CMI) held a mental health symposium, which again gives us a reminder that mental health matters.

Globe’s Point: Please follow the current mask policy

September 21, 2022
At the point of writing this article, there have been 113 cumulative COVID-19 cases on campus. Starting a new semester, students and staff coming from various states and communities, we knew cases were bound to rise. As we continue to navigate this “post-pandemic” and “new normal” world, we continue to ask for your patience.

Globe’s Point: We need personal Adobe Suite access

September 14, 2022
With the recent announcement of Adobe no longer offering access on personal devices for college students, we have been presented with even more challenges. Currently, only five computers on campus have access to the full Adobe Suite. This is unacceptable.

Globe’s Point: Getting back to business

September 7, 2022
Welcome back, returning and new Pioneers! We have made it through the first week of classes!
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