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Globe’s Point: We denounce the use of AI in journalism

January 31, 2024
Happy week four, Pioneers! We have officially made it one month through the semester. Only three more to go!

Globe’s Point: The university needs to be more transparent about hirings and firings

January 24, 2024
Happy week three, Pioneers! We hope you have been staying warm amid this crazy weather and are enjoying the semester so far.

Globe’s Point: Don’t be discouraged by new graduation date

January 17, 2024
Happy week two of the semester, Pioneers! We hope you had a great first week and are settling into your new class schedules. Remember to take care of yourself and stay organized. Being a college student is very hard work, and we are so proud of you.

Globe’s Point: Good luck with finals, we believe in you

December 6, 2023

It is hard to believe the end of the semester is already here, Pioneers. There are a million things that we could say here about that, but it is better to offer one, strong, consistent, message: you’ve...

Globe’s Point: Corrections from our last issue

November 29, 2023
Happy week 13, Pioneers! We hope you had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving break whether you traveled or stayed on campus. It is only a few more weeks until the end of the semester, and we wish you all the best in preparation for finals.

Globe’s Point: Take time for yourself this Thanksgiving break

November 15, 2023

Happy week 12, Pioneers! It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving break is already here and that finals are quickly approaching. We hope you have been having a great semester. Whether you are...

Globe’s Point: Accept the election results even if you don’t like them

November 9, 2023
Happy week 11, Pioneers! Midterms are officially over. It is hard to believe there is less than two weeks until we reach Thanksgiving break.

Globe’s Point: We need action against gun violence now

November 1, 2023

Trigger Warning: this column discusses themes of gun violence. Happy week 10, Pioneers! We hope you were able to take some sort of pause on this year’s Pioneer Pause and that you all had...

Globe’s Point: We stand against war

October 18, 2023

Happy week eight, Pioneers! We wish you the best of luck on all your midterms. Make sure to take time for yourself this week, especially amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. The Globe has...

Globe’s Point: We need clear communication from the university

October 4, 2023
Happy week six and happy October, Pioneers! It is hard to believe that midterms are right around the corner. Remember to stop and check in on yourself physically and mentally often.

Globe’s Point: The university needs to better notify students of class action suit

September 13, 2023
Happy week three, Pioneers! As you can see, this week’s issue is a little different. We rarely run advertisements, let alone ones from the university. We want to explain a little more about the situation and give greater context to our newer readers.

Globe’s Point: School shootings need to stop

September 6, 2023

Welcome back, Pioneers! Another new academic year is upon us. We hope you found some downtime in the midst of your summer commitments and are ready to take on the semester. It can be hard adjusting back...

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