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Globe’s Point: Enjoy the rest of the semester

April 20, 2022

Well Pioneers, we’re here. This is our last Globe’s Point of the semester, and, like many of you, we’re excited and ready to be wrapping things up. At the same time, however, we’d like to remind...

You’ve Got This

April 13, 2022
It’s been nothing short of an incredibly tumultuous semester. New issues and stressors have come out at every corner, whether from the ongoing pandemic, the economic effects on inflation, or just the general struggles of being a college student.

The Globe’s Point: Point Park needs to work on communication

April 6, 2022
Point Park has a serious communication problem. We’ve written about this before, but the mask-optional policy changes have exposed the fact that this is way more widespread than any of us initially believed.

The Globe’s Point: Please be flexible with new masking policy

March 30, 2022
Last week in this column, before Point Park announced their changes to the mask policy, that “regardless of what happens, everyone must be flexible and understanding.” At the time of writing that, we had no idea what, if any, changes would be made to the mask policy.

Globe’s Point: We Stand In Solidarity With Ukraine

March 16, 2022
On the front of our edition this week, we changed our logo from the traditional green Globe to a yellow and blue Globe, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Globe’s Point: Welcome Back, Pioneers

March 9, 2022

Welcome back Pioneers! We sincerely hope that everyone had a great break and was able to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Now that we’re back, we wanted to take some time to wish everybody good...

The Globe’s Point: Don’t Dismiss Gas Leaks

February 23, 2022
Last week, The Globe office had a gas leak.

Globe’s Point: Take Care of Yourself

February 16, 2022
We’d like to remind everyone that self-care is incredibly important.

Globe’s Point: The Importance of Editorial Independence

February 9, 2022

We pride ourselves on being an editorially independent newspaper. We are truly fortunate to call ourselves that, and it is the main reason we are able to consistently deliver the level of content that...

Globe’s Point: Infrastructure is Important

February 2, 2022

This past weekend was a big one for the word “infrastructure.” The collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge early Friday morning happened on the very same day. President Joe Biden’s visit about the Build...

Globe’s Point: Testing distribution needs to change

January 19, 2022

We’re currently experiencing a record-breaking surge of COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. This surge has been amplified by the holidays, something that also happened last year, but this year...

Globe’s Point: We all must be flexible

January 12, 2022
As we return to campus amid record high COVID-19 numbers, we must all be willing to be flexible with whatever the university decides to do.
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