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Judging Java: Point Perk Revisited

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist September 28, 2022
Two years ago, I wrote that “Point Perk’s coffee is so awful that it wouldn’t surprise me if it emerged as a frontrunner in the 2024 Republican primaries.” At the time of reviewing Point Perk, our university’s coffee shop, my one star out of five review was one of the most scathing reviews I had ever written.

Judging Java: Prestogeorge Coffee & Tea

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist September 21, 2022

There are a lot of coffeeshops in the Strip District. In fact, there’s just a lot in the Strip District. It’s a wonderful area to walk around in, and it's an even better area to walk around with a...

Judging Java: The Unionization of Starbucks

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief September 7, 2022

This week’s Judging Java is going to be a little bit different. Instead of a traditional coffee review, I’d like to talk about something that is happening in the city of Pittsburgh that’s not just...

Judging Java: Reflections on a Junior Year

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist April 20, 2022
As is tradition for this column at the end of a semester, I will be taking this space to offer reflections on the past semester as opposed to reviewing a coffee shop. I am, however, still writing this in a coffee shop (Delanie’s on Carson Street, for those curious), so it does still count.
Photo by: Jake Dabkowski

Judging Java: Starbucks Baya Energy Drink

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor Elect April 6, 2022
If you’ve been watching television lately, you’ve probably seen an advertisement for Starbucks’ new Baya Energy drink. The drink only comes in can form, it’s not something you can order in their stores but rather something at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Judging Java: Tim Hortons

Written By Jake Dabkowski , Coffee Columnist March 16, 2022
Tim Horton, a name synonymous with donuts, coffee and Canada.

Judging Java: Caffe Mona – Strip District

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist March 9, 2022
A mediocre cup of coffee in the middle of nowhere is a lot different than a mediocre cup of coffee on a street with seven coffee shops.

Judging Java: Inflation’s Effect on Coffee

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist February 23, 2022
Today, I’d like to talk about how recent economic developments have impacted the coffee industry, how you’re paying more per cup of coffee today than you were a year ago, and most importantly: why.
Hand holding McDonalds iced coffee cup with soft serve scoop dunked into drink. Straw also pictured.

Judging Java: The McDonald’s Soft Serve and Iced Coffee Life Hack

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist February 16, 2022
Recently, I was on a viral short-form video sharing app TikTok and saw a new trend: people ordering an iced coffee and soft serve vanilla ice cream from McDonald’s and then dunking the soft serve into the coffee. So, in the effort of keeping with the times and blending in with the cool kids, this week I did just that.

Judging Java: Mediterra Cafe

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist February 9, 2022
Mediterra has it all - delicious breakfast, great pastries, flatbread pizzas, a fully stocked cocktail bar, a marketplace for high quality cooking ingredients, charcuterie boards, and most importantly — coffee.

Judging Java: The Row House Cinema

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist February 2, 2022

4.5 Globes This past Saturday, I did something incredibly pleasant. I hopped in a Lyft over to Lawrenceville and went to the Row House Theater for an early morning screening of Wes Anderson’s breakout...

Judging Java: Homemade Espresso

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist January 19, 2022
It’s looking like I’ll be spending the next day and a half inside, so I wanted to write about coffee that you can make in your own home.
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