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A bountiful gathering of Thanksgiving-Themed movies and tv shows to watch during break

Written By Rachel Ross, Co-Features/Arts and Entertainment Editor November 15, 2023

There’s very little love for Thanksgiving movies or specials. I suppose it’s mostly because there’s not exactly an abundance of them to choose from. It’s tempting to skip straight from the overflow...

The Globe Editorial Staff rates Thanksgiving dishes

Written By The Globe Editorial Staff November 15, 2023

Thanksgiving serves as a time for friends, family or found-family to get together and eat a metric ton of food every year. Whether you celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a modified one or none...

The best things to do over break

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief November 16, 2022

It’s Thanksgiving time, which means aside from cultural debates over the historical significance of the holiday and the excessive grind to catch up on schoolwork, you can take some time to enjoy yourself....

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