The best things to do over break

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief

It’s Thanksgiving time, which means aside from cultural debates over the historical significance of the holiday and the excessive grind to catch up on schoolwork, you can take some time to enjoy yourself. Here’s an objective list of the best things to do over break.


Spend time with your family

This one seems so simple, and yet so many people forget to do it. Family is important, and even if you don’t always see eye to eye with them, spending time with people who love you is something that should be cherished.


Spend time with your friends from high school

So you got sick of your family. Understandable. Another great way to kill some time back home is to catch up with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe one of them did something really cool this semester like worked on a Batman movie or something. Maybe one of them has a kid. Maybe one of them has two. Maybe one of them is really into an obscure psychedelic tea that’s technically legal but definitely shouldn’t be. Or maybe they’re all just the same old people they used to be but just a little bit older and a little more mature. Above all else, it’s nice to catch up with people.


Go to light up night

So you want to hang out with people but need to find some sort of excuse for something to do. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area then look no further than Light Up Night, which is being held on Saturday, November 19th. Joan Jett will be performing, which should be an unforgettable experience.


See The Moon is a Hologram at the Smiling Moose

If you do not want to go to Light Up Night but do want something to do on Saturday November 19th, then you should know that local comedy duo band The Moon is a Hologram is playing a 21+ show at the Smiling Moose on the South Side. It will no doubt be one of the greatest live performances of the decade, and you will definitely have a great time. Editor’s Note: The Moon is a Hologram is Editor-In-Chief and author of this piece Jake Dabkowski’s band.


Watch The Moon is a Hologram’s Anime Night Performance on Youtube

If you aren’t 21 (and or up) and are upset that you will have to miss The Moon is a Hologram’s show at the Smiling Moose, you can watch their recent Anime Night performance in it’s entirety on Youtube. As of the time of publication, the special is not available yet, but it will be releasing sometime in the next week. Anime Night is universally agreed by music critics to be the greatest live performance of all time, and reliving it from the comfort of your own home should make for an unforgettable experience.


Buy tickets for an upcoming The Moon is a Hologram show

The Moon is a Hologram have two all ages shows in December, which tickets are available now for. One show will be held in Philadelphia on December 18th, so if you are in the Philadelphia area over Point Park’s winter break you definitely do not want to miss it. The other show is on December 23rd at Black Forge Coffee II in McKees Rocks, and will be an absolutely festive Christmas extravaganza. There are even rumours that the band will be joined by some members of Herald’s Goose, who is also performing that night. Tickets will be available at the door for both shows, but interested parties should contact the band for more information.


Buy The Moon is a Hologram’s merchandise

Who needs Black Friday doorbuster deals when The Moon is a Hologram has incredible merchandise available now at They’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, jigsaw puzzles, blankets, tank tops, and long sleeve shirts. Will these be discounted for Black Friday? No, because they are already such a great deal year round. Again, that’s Someone please buy the jigsaw puzzle.


Listen to The Moon is a Hologram on Spotify

Hit Pittsburgh based comedy duo band The Moon is a Hologram’s music is now streaming on Spotify. Their music is really good and really funny and you should listen to it.


Listen to The Moon is a Hologram on Apple Music

Their music is also available on Apple Music, which you should check out.


Follow The Moon is a Hologram on social media

@moonisahologram. You know what to do.