Another food service provider added to mix to possibly replace Aramark

Written By Josh Croup

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Students voiced their concerns about dining services with a fifth potential food service provider Tuesday afternoon.

Representatives from Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services gathered on the seventh floor of the student center with members of the student body for the one hour open forum.

Chartwells is a member of Compass Group, the largest contract food service company in the world. According to Chartwells’ LinkedIn page, the company partners with more than 270 colleges and universities across the United States including Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Chartwells held the open forum with students in order to ask questions and gather feedback before the company submits its proposal to Point Park to come on as its food service provider in 2016.

Aramark, Point Park’s current provider, is in the last semester of its contract with the University and has served Point Park since 2001.

A similar forum was held Jan. 20 with four potential food service providers.

Aramark, along with Metz Culinary Management, Culinart Group and Parkhurst Dining all had representatives at the forum.

The January event featured questions from students and questions from the companies.

Chartwells representatives did not ask students for questions they had about the company. Instead, they focused on changes students want to see with the current food service.

A business card was handed to each student and faculty member in attendance at the event with a QR code on the back that linked to a campus dining survey. Chartwells used the results of the survey to help lead the group discussion.

Students at the meeting said they wanted more meal hour flexibility, healthier dining options, consistent quality and a positive customer service experience.

The company representatives suggested varying options between the Lawrence Hall Dining room and the Café on a daily basis. Chartwells also believes communication with students is important and has an instant feedback service that students use via text message.

Chartwells also wants to make the Lawrence Hall Dining Room more of a “gathering place” for students in the future, similar to the Point Café.

Last year, Point Park’s United Student Government submitted a vote of no confidence that began the search to possibly replace Aramark once its contract expires at the end of the school year.

Chartwells is the fifth company to hear from students in the past two months.

Students not present at the meeting can visit to participate in Chartwells’ survey.

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