A thank you – Croup’s Corner

Written By Josh Croup, Sports Columnist

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Because, why not?

This has been my motto for several years now, and it has been an even stronger motto this past school year. When I was asked to step up and write the new sports column, the only thing I thought was, “because, why not?

Why not take on this interesting, challenging and rewarding position? Why not?

I can happily say after completing my first year at Point Park writing for The Globe, I still have yet to find a legitimate “why not.”

What an amazing year this was and what an amazing year of sports we had. Who knows what next year will bring? The only thing I know is that I will be there for it. I couldn’t be more excited.

“Thank you” is a phrase we often think about, but don’t put into words or print. I am incredibly thankful for everything that has happened this year, and I have to thank those who have helped along the way.

Of course, I have to thank my parents for letting me pursue my career and my friends for putting up with my antics.

Thank you to the readers for following my columns this semester.Thank you to the sports editors this year, Emily Brak, Madison Turiczek, Phil Poupore, for everything that you did for The Globe. Thank you to The Globe editors, Jon Andreassi and Kristin Snapp, for trusting me with this column and giving me this opportunity.

Thank you to Athletic Director Dan Swalga and Sports Information Director Kevin Taylor for letting me tag along at the games.

Thank you to the coaches that I interviewed for your willingness to talk and the enthusiasm in your words. Thank you to the players that have stepped aside to chat and to the ones who let me talk with them in order to write a feature story.

Two of those players in particular, Troy and Travis Johnson, I can’t thank enough. These guys, along with the entire Rugby Club, were incredibly kind to me this past year. The entire team welcomed me on the bus to travel to their games. I’ll often run into a player around campus and have them ask me when I’m writing about the rugby club again. That means a lot.

I’ll be covering Point Park rugby again in the fall. It will be different without the Johnson twins and the rest of the seniors graduating this year, but it will be another fun experience and is something that I’m looking forward to covering.

Next year will be nothing short of amazing, and I am looking forward to continuing this column with great excitement.

Because, why not?