The Globe, Point Park Athletics offer great experiences – Croup’s Corner

Written By Josh Croup, Sports Columnist

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Another semester at The Globe is in the books.

Hopefully you have enjoyed our coverage in the sports section this fall. We tried to do a little bit of ev­erything and keep things fresh and new each week.

From photo essays, to athlete profiles, to game recaps, we tried to keep the section as current and in­teresting as possible.

It wasn’t always easy. We were short-staffed some weeks and were reaching for content in others.

While there may have been a shortage in writers some weeks, there is never a shortage of sports to cover at Point Park.

Point Park fields 13 teams throughout the school year.

With that said, there are a lot of opportunities for aspiring journal­ists or sports journalists to get their feet wet covering Point Park sports.

I got my start covering Point Park rugby, a club sport. I’ve written about everything from basketball to cross country to soccer since.

I knew I wanted to get involved with The Globe’s sports section, but I didn’t know how entering my freshman year. I met the right peo­ple, one thing led to another and here I am.

The best thing about Point Park’s athletic department is that it is small. Everybody knows ev­erybody, and every coach, trainer, athlete and administrator is easy to talk to.

I’ve met great people and have had a lot of fun covering the sports that I have since starting at The Globe. I want other people to have that same experience.

If you want to write about sports for a living or even just enjoy cov­ering sports, there is a spot in The Globe’s sports section for you.

There are 13 sports and dozens of athletes to write about. The best part about writing sports stories is that they are genuinely fun. The athletes and coaches are person­able, the experience is invaluable and seeing your byline in print is rewarding.

If covering sports sounds like something you are interested in, reach out to myself, sports editor Michael Richter or assistant sports editor Matt Petras to find out how to get involved. It is not hard and the experience as a whole is incredible.

I’m saying all of this because I’ve met students who want to get in­volved but do not know how. Reach out to us and we’ll get you involved.

The experiences that I have had at The Globe have been incredible so far. I want more students to get those same experiences.

If you want to write for The Globe sports section, or any other section for that matter, reach out to us. We want to help you.

We can only imagine what is up next for The Globe and the sports section. Hopefully, you’ll join us in telling the stories. If not, follow along and hang on for the ride.

Because, why not?