Aftermath of the inauguration

What went right and what went left

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Aftermath of the inauguration

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Co-Opinons Editor

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At last Donald Trump is the President of the United States. The era of a safer and greater America is here. This past Friday, hundreds of thousands gathered around Washington D.C. to watch President Trump’s inauguration. The ceremony was beautiful and well done.

This event was monumental and showed the peaceful transfer of power our country has. It truly was well done and honorable.

President Trump’s inauguration speech was inspiring, and really got me excited for his presidency. He spoke of a more united America who gives its power back to the people. The speech was very simple and straight to the point, something I hope continues with our president.

While the ceremony and speech were well done, there was a lot that was done wrong this weekend. Across the internet, I saw videos of protestors trying to deny President Trump his position.

While we do have the right to peacefully protest in this country, the protestors on Friday did it in the wrong way. Inauguration day is a time where we can all unite in order to welcome in our new leader and to be grateful that our country can transfer power both peacefully and smoothly. These protestors sought to disgrace this time.

They spoke as though President Trump and Vice President Pence’s inauguration was going to negate the rights of those who did not vote republican. I’ll admit that Trump and Pence don’t seem like the most lenient of people, but they have sworn to protect the American people and defend them no matter their race, gender or political affiliation.

I am confident that our president is going to improve our standing in the world and make sure that our rights are well defended. But these protestors decided that the correct way to handle their disagreements was to riot in the streets of our nation’s capital.

While we saw protests from those of the right-wing during Obama’s inauguration, it does not compare to the damage that these people created. While their fears may be justified due to our president’s far right agenda, this does not give them the right to destroy public property.

While I was happy with the ceremony and displeased with the protestors, perhaps the biggest surprise to me this past weekend was the women’s march across America.

These marches were not only peaceful, but they effectively got their message of dissatisfaction across. I truly believe that had the protestors in Washington done things the way the women’s march did, then perhaps their opinions would have been more respected.

Inauguration weekend was an exciting and momentous time. Our country has a new commander in chief, and it is now time for us to unite and work together. President Trump inspired me through his speech, and I hope that his speech inspired other young republicans and democrats alike.

Now it is time for our politicians and executives to begin working with President Trump in forming a better country for us. Our country is entering a time in which our power can extend further and create a safer and more secured nation. It is truly time to make America great again.

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