Admitting I was wrong: a right-wing conservative renounces Trump support

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Admitting I was wrong: a right-wing conservative renounces Trump support

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Co-Opinions Editor

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Perhaps my expectations were too high when I voted for Donald Trump. I wanted a safer, stronger and more united America. What I have experienced over these last few months is nothing short of disappointment in how the leader of our country has carried himself.

What I am really trying to say is that I was wrong when I told you that America made the right choice in electing Trump.

I think we are bound to see America grow in these next few years, but it’s going to cost us more than just money. I never dreamed of an America where we would see a leader deplete our system of any benefits for the poor or destroy the ecosystem.

What I want those of you who read this to understand is that I love this country with all my heart – the mountains, the oceans, the forests, the blacks, the gays, the Muslims, the immigrants and even the liberals.

I voted because I believed President Trump could properly defend and represent our nation, but I was wrong.

He’s been nothing short of an embarrassment to the Republican Party and what we stand for, and he’s demoralized us as a people.

Our nation is torn apart from the petty arguments that he stirs up, both politically and socially.

What kind of human puts a blackout on the media and tries to stop the EPA from protecting our planet?   What kind of man blatantly discriminates against a group of foreigners? What kind of president puts his social media above social standards? Calling out celebrities on Twitter is no way to handle any situation. Though I’m not the biggest fan of CNN, they are a reliable news source and you can’t just call them “fake news” and expect the world to believe you.

This man is not aware of how harmful his policies are going to be to nature. I grew up in the middle of Pennsylvania where the mountains were glorious and shined a bright green in the summer.

I grew up by the Susquehanna River and spent countless hours swimming and fishing in those clean waters. I grew up watching wild animals be free and wander in a clean environment.

It brings tears to my eyes to imagine that the man I voted for could demolish all these things I love. I’m still a republican and I still believe in the members of my party and that they will come to defend this country and do the right thing.

But as of now, I officially renounce my support of President Donald J. Trump.

The idea of Trump’s travel ban, although it does not completely disgust me, it angers me that he is trying to keep an entire religion from coming into the United States of America. This is not the public message he is sending, but it is an obvious one. Our country was founded because of religious freedom, and to prosecute a religion as a whole is incredibly wrong.

I do still hope that President Trump can make the right decisions, and that maybe he will turn out to be a decent president during these next few years.

As for how I intend to deal with this embarrassment that I brought upon myself, I intend to resist.

I’m going to use my journalistic skills to fight back and report what needs to be said.

A few weeks ago Patrick Stewart said that he intended to resist the Trump regime and I’m joining Mr. Stewart.

Remember that no matter what Trump may bring upon this country, you can fight back. You can resist his tyrannical ways and stand up for what you believe.

This is my country, this is your country, this is our country. We can fight, we can resist, we can win.

Do not just simply go along with anything Trump says — that’s how he fooled people like me to vote for him.

Do what you know is right, and resist.

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