A guide to the Point Park bathrooms

Handy tips on keeping it clean for your fellow students

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A guide to the Point Park bathrooms

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Co-Opinions Editor

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If you have had to go bathroom in the middle of class this semester, you may have noticed a distinct lack of cleanliness. Of all the things I expected from college, disgusting public restrooms was not one of them.

Now, I’m not saying that the custodial staff at Point Park aren’t good, in fact I don’t even blame them for this.

I’m blaming the students and faculty of Point Park for not keeping the restrooms clean.

How hard is it to make sure your paper towels go in the trash can? How do you miss the toilet? And for the love of all that is holy, please flush the toilet.

The public restrooms around campus (at least the men’s rooms) are disgusting and I find myself plugging my nose when I go into them. Students, I understand that this isn’t your bathroom at home but why can’t we keep it clean?

Stuffing toilet paper in the urinals and spitting in sinks is atrocious. Quite honestly, it disturbs me that some people are okay leaving the restrooms this gross.

I’ll give you a prime example. About two weeks ago I was at my work study job in West Penn and I went to use the restroom on the fifth floor. Although my course abruptly changed as I discovered that parts of the bathroom had been closed for the day.

The explanation you may ask, the toilet had been stuffed with toilet paper and caused it to flood.

Sometimes I think that we may go to a preschool. The conditions of the bathrooms on campus need to change and fast. People need to stop abusing the bathrooms.

The university is also partially to blame for this.

The toilet and sinks look like they haven’t been updated in twenty years. This makes me wonder if the university actually pays attention to the quality of their buildings.

The bottom line is that the custodial staff at Point Park does a great job of making sure our university is clean, although they can only do so much and it falls on us as students to keep the restrooms clean.

My advice to you as a student body is to keep it clean and don’t be a jerk in the bathroom. Use the toilets correctly, and flush them. Use the correct amount of paper towels and then proceed to throw them in the toilet. Use the soap ONLY on your hands, and don’t throw it around the restroom.

This is not rocket science people. We are all young adults who should act that way in the bathroom.

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