Halloween decorations haunt the university

Students, faculty celebrate spookiness around campus

Written By Briana Walton

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Student Production Services (SPS) has a skeleton, wall clings and a dancing mummy along with hand-made drawings throughout the office. A resident hallway in Lawrence Hall even has decorations on the doors among its unique theme, and the Dining Hall in the same building shows a temporary display of beautifully painted pumpkins.

These decorations come as the university gears up for several Halloween events and activities. For example, the annual Campus Activities Board dance is tonight.

While working one day, Colleen O’Neil, a freshman Broadcast Reporting major, and two of her coworkers decorated the office with the different decorations that were given to them. At SPS, the decorations range from store-bought decorations to student-made ones that were either drawn or just colored.

Some of the decorations were store-bought items such as wall clings, a small skeleton sitting on his gravestone, and a dancing mummy that was dressed up by one of the SPS employees.

“It was fun because we listened to Halloween-themed music and I got to bond with my coworkers in a creative way,” O’Neil said.

The office does more than just decorate for Halloween. Every year they participate in a contest through the library. The SPS workers pick a theme and everyone dresses up and takes a group picture. They also decorate the office for many other holidays.

Some of the residents on the 16th floor were creative in their Halloween decorations amongst the floor’s year-round unique island theme.

Many of the deep blue doors are decorated in various Halloween-themed decorations. Some doors have cobwebs and spiders while some have some more creative decorations.

“There is a triple room and on the door, they have a Halloween wreath,” Monae Findley, a sophomore broadcast reporting major and the floor’s Resident Educator said. “It’s really pretty and it’s really different.”

She says that the wreath is her favorite decoration on the floor. It has orange, yellow and black spheres, as well as four orange pumpkins mixed in.

One of the first doors that can be seen after getting off of the elevators has a string of small skeletons lining the top of the door. Another has a large black and orange spider hanging above the peep-hole.

Sarah Howe, a freshman dance major, decorated the outside of her door with a banner that says “happy” in a pumpkin-like orange lettering and “halloween” in black. Below that begins the black tape with white lettering stating “Enter at your own risk.”

The Dining Hall has a temporary display of pumpkins that students painted at the annual Apple Fest. The painted pumpkins are displayed out on a table where students can vote for their favorite pumpkin.

“The pumpkins are displayed for about a week. After that, we will pull the votes, count everything, and give away prizes,” Director of Dining Terry Chavara said. “Everyone will have their pumpkin returned to them so they can have it for Halloween through Thanksgiving.”

It is through decorations that many places feel festive and even sometimes make people feel more like they are at home.

“My family and I decorate our front yard every Halloween. My sister keeps sending me pictures,” Howe said. “Everyone in the hall decorated so it made me want to decorate because I miss decorating.”

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