Hey, Trump: don’t play games with Asia

How the president’s tour had the ability to go very wrong

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Hey, Trump: don’t play games with Asia

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Co-Opinions Editor

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This past week, President Donald Trump visited Asia on a tour, including visits to Vietnam, the Philippines and China. Supposedly, the visit was meant as a way for the president to meet with foreign diplomats and attend summits.

I cannot express to you how high my stress levels were.

Over the course of almost two weeks, President Trump has been touring the continent that, quite honestly, is responsible for most of the technological advances in the world. Can you imagine if this tour went poorly and companies like Samsung, Sony and Toshiba decided to discontinue production to the United States because of his visit?

Trump screwing things up in Asia could’ve quite honestly been the death of technological entertainment for America. Some of the best technology in the world comes from Asia. It’s no joke, if you look at some of your devices that are not Apple or Microsoft, then it is probably a company based in Asia.

If there was a world where Trump angers Asian government officials enough to ban companies from doing business with the United States, then I think Americans would lose some of their sense of fun. That would mean no more of the aforementioned companies or Mitsubishi or Yamaha, and losing Sony would mean losing PlayStation.

Thankfully, it all went well and Asia doesn’t hate us… yet.

I’m tired of being stressed whenever Trump leaves the country. It isn’t bad enough that he’s trying to become allies with the Russians and piss off North Korea, but he also has the ability to screw up relations with Asia that would severely hurt us.

We shouldn’t have to be scared when this guy we call our president leaves the country, but we are because he isn’t a proper politician. It’s honestly terrifying to think that the cheeto that leads our country is one bad tweet away from starting nuclear war.

I would argue that a lot of America is nervous about Trump and how he handles foreign tours. When I mistakenly voted for Trump last November, I honestly thought the man could make some smart decisions on these kinds of situations. For the most part, it looks Trump did not screw anything up with Asian leaders this time.

I’m sure that over the course of the next three years, there will be plenty more tours around the world where my heart won’t stop pounding in my chest for weeks at a time. It just infuriates me that myself and fellow Americans have to be scared of the man who is supposed to lead us leaves our soil.

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