Old Taylor Swift really is dead with “Reputation”

Written By Kayla Snyder, Co-Copy Desk Chief

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Taylor Swift made a statement when her first single off of the album “Reputation” painted a new era for the once country singer.

“Look What You Made Do” was fan’s first peak into the post-hiatus world of Taylor Swift. The song is styled in a way that fans would not expect from the songwriter, known to exploit her exes in songs.

According to Billboard’s charts, “Reputation” sold over 1.2 million sales in its first week of release. Sales increased every week totalling four million sales within less than a month. Billboard reports “Reputation” to be the bestselling album of 2017.

Swift’s album was only released for one purchasing platform for the first three weeks of the release. On Nov. 30, “Reputation” was released on streaming services for fans to enjoy.

The album teases the new era for Swift in numerous ways. Some stories have more of an EDM-vibe whereas some have a more lyrical approach.

The opening track of the album is titled “…Ready for It?” and was the second single released before the album drop. “…Ready for It?” showcases a Swift-style unbeknownst to fans: a verse that is sped up and can be arguably “rapped.” The track poses the question “Are you ready for it?” whether that be an introduction to the new album or era, has not been confirmed.

Following is “End Game” a song that was hyped about when Swift released the titles of songs featured on the album. The reason for the hype was Swift collaborated with two very different A-List celebrities: Future and Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran and Swift have collaborated in the past, but this song is unlike the former. “End Game” continues with the ‘reputation’ theme donning the lyrics “Big reputation, big reputation!” in the verses.

While the new era presented a new music style for Swift, she stayed true to her roots on a few tracks on the album. “Getaway Car” mirrors very 1989-esque vibes for Swift with the storytelling approach being the main focus of this track. Similarly, “Dress” though a more risqué track for Swift, uses the same storytelling approach.

The last track on the album titled “New Year’s Day” excited Swift fans across the globe taking it back to pre-pop Taylor. “New Year’s Day” is a very emotional, melodic track.

Upon first listen of this album, my immediate reaction was ‘Wow, the old Taylor really is dead.’ While this album doesn’t have the best lyrics that Swift has ever produced, this album does eventually grow on you.

The first four singles namely “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It?,” Gorgeous” and “Call It What You Want,”  highlighted different styles Swift used on Reputation prior to the album release.

Even the most dedicated Swift fans laughed at the thought of their favorite singer releasing songs with a completely pop-driven vibe, killing all signs of pop/country-era Swift.

Album sales did not reflect the uncertainty the singles brought upon. Swift currently holds the No. 1 position on the Billboard 200 chart. Days after the album release, Swift announced her 2018 stadium tour (after a three year tour hiatus)  making a stop in Pittsburgh on Aug. 7 at Heinz Field.

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