CAB to bring escape rooms to campus

Written By Robert Berger, Co-News Editor

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Point Park After Dark will host two escape rooms in the Student Center Gym for students to explore and strategize this Saturday night from 9-11 p.m.

“The executive board actually went and did an escape room over training so it’s exciting to see that and bring something similar to campus,” said senior sports, art, and entertainment management major and Campus Activities Board (CAB) Marketing Vice President Megan Thorpe.

The event was organized by CAB, however Phantom Entertainment will provide the escape rooms. Ally Hindman, a senior sports, art and entertainment management major and Pioneer Series Coordinator for CAB planned the event and is hoping it will give students a chance to make new friends for the start of the semester.

“It will be a lot of fun, maybe students who don’t necessarily know each other could get to know each other,” Hindman said. “It’s definitely interactive and you have to work together to solve the clues.”

Each month, CAB works to hold a different After Dark event every second Saturday of the month. According to Hindman, the club hopes to give students something to do other than going out on Saturday nights.

“We wanted to give students something different and something that they didn’t have to brave the cold to go out and do,” Hindman said.

According to Thorpe, the club saw record setting attendance at the After Dark events last semester. Thorpe said the CAB-hosted Pajama Partea, Roller Rink and Silent Disco were all very popular among students.

“All of the After Dark events were very exciting and we never had such a huge turnout,” Thorpe said. “Our idea was to bring in bigger vendors this year.”

According to Thorpe, the CAB executive board attends the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) each year. This is where executives receive information on vendors for activities such as the escape room.

“We go to the conference every year and they usually send books to give ideas like this, Thorpe said. “I really think this will be another one that draws a very huge crowd in.”

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