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Pittsburgh and Amazon may not be a perfect match

Written By Patrick Nucci

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When Amazon announced that they were building a second headquarters, 238 cities put in a proposal asking them to be in their city, but now they are down to the top 20 cities; 19 American cities and one Canadian city.

The 20 cities that made the cut are: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Montgomery County (Maryland), Nashville, Newark, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Toronto (Canada) and finally Washington D.C.

Amazon making a second HQ is a big deal. They make so much money that they have the expense to make another big HQ or “HQ2.”

I have heard rumors that Amazon will choose to base their second home in Atlanta because the city has the necessary area for building, but I would love it if they came here or in Philly for more personal reasons.

I live in Pittsburgh, and I originate from Philly, so if I could work in my hometown that would be amazing. Especially knowing all of my closest friends are still there.

However, it’s exciting knowing that Pittsburgh made it to the top 20 of over 200 contenders. With Amazon getting the second headquarters, there will be a lot of people applying to work with them, causing more people, hopefully in the city, to try to get the right certifications to qualify for the jobs they offer.

Working for a company whose stock is worth $1,402 is a big deal. The job comes with a enormous salary and a great work environment. I, myself, would love to work at Amazon in IT because it wouldn’t feel like I’m going to work every day for 40 hours a day. I’d be living a dream job. I’d potentially be making a lot of money and doing what I love, working with computers and software most of the time.

The main requests that Amazon has for the city it chooses is as follows: 50,000 employees, an economy that is similar to Amazon’s own and livability. According to Forbes, these needs give Washington D.C. a better chance of being chosen by Amazon than Pittsburgh.

It’s for these reasons that Amazon may not find its new home in Pittsburgh or Philly, cities who have some or most of those qualities, but not all.

In addition, Pittsburgh, as a city, may not be able to provide the necessary 50,000 employees in the short amount of time Amazon requires, and the same goes for Philly.

In addition, the transportation system in Pittsburgh, despite being used at a 92 percent higher rate than any other city public transportation, isn’t as expansive as say, any of the other cities on Amazon’s list.

Yes, we have a bus system, but Port Authority can be unreliable at times and there is only one train that only goes from the South Hills to the North Side. That’s it.

In Philadelphia, the subway network goes much further than the T does in Pittsburgh, allowing for an easier route from point A to B. While I have high hopes that Amazon brings their HQ2 to Pittsburgh, it doesn’t look very likely from a logical standpoint.

Yes, Pittsburgh is a city that is becoming increasingly technologically advanced, with the self-driving Ubers and other tech HQ’s like Westinghouse electric company and American Eagle Outfitter’s to name a few, and while I would love if Amazon could be added to that list, it might not happen.

Wherever Amazon eventually decides to go for its second headquarters, you can bet I will apply for a position in their IT department and make the necessary move to the location they base their highly anticipated HQ2.

I’d just prefer here or Philly.

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