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The Globe’s Point – Oprah? Yes. Oprah 2020? No.

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Speaking eloquently doesn’t make you presidential. Being knowledgeable about our laws, familiar with our government process and having a passion for serving your constituents is what really makes the difference.

American society seems to have forgotten the fact that becoming the president of the United States of America is not strictly a ceremonial role. Just because an influential person gives a compelling speech at an awards show shouldn’t automatically qualify them for the role of Leader of the Free World.

Our president is in an incredibly powerful position – able to annihilate entire nations at the push of a button, at a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t we choose more carefully if we really thought about the ramifications their decisions can hold?

We may love Oprah, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kanye West, but do we really want them to represent our country on the world stage? While they may bring an unconventional spin to the office, they ultimately do not have the greatest political gravitas.

Wishing for celebrities in office only goes to show that we, as Americans, are desperately looking for anyone with a shred of dignity to fill the role that is currently being played disastrously. We look at any motivational speech and shout “Oprah 2020” into the Twitter-sphere, feverishly looking for a world leader anywhere outside of the White House. We are placing too much faith in these people.

Celebrities are in a valuable position to be advocates for change and many of them do this quite well. They can impact the world in a meaningful way, without holding political office.

Voters must demand more from their leaders. We should support someone that is not just eloquent and charismatic – but also honest and intelligent. People can give beautiful speeches about anything, but having the capability to debate and communicate world-changing decisions makes all the difference.

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