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Is every Trump tweet news?

Journalists need to decide what is really important

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Copy Editor

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I’ve been a huge critic of Donald Trump over the last year. During the election I was a devout Trump supporter, and I really thought that having a Republican in office would be ideal for our country. But I was wrong, very wrong, and I accept that now. I’ve decided that I’m going to use my journalistic skills to cover Trump and try and make up for my mistakes.

However, within the last year, some journalists seem to have lost sight of how to cover the president. Realistically, the president makes a lot of stupid decisions, and it is only right that the media makes sure that we know about these decisions. But do we really need to know every single thing that President Trump does?

Please understand I am not defending Trump or coming to his aid; I am simply saying perhaps the media has reached a point where they have lost sight of what news really is when covering Trump.

A prime example of this is this past summer when the media actually made a headline out of President Trump staring into the sun. Was it idiotic? Yes. Was it news? No.

The position of President of the United States is one that needs to be covered by the media, but I really don’t need to know what Trump is doing every second of the day. Did I hate when Obama went on golf retreats? Yes. Did I feel like I needed to see it on the news? No.

To me, it seems like a spiteful situation. Some media outlets just want to scrutinize politicians no matter what; it doesn’t matter who they are. It’s actually quite frustrating and it’s something that needs to change. Trump should be covered extensively, but the media doesn’t need to remind us that he’s a fool. We all know that.

We all know that he’s also a patriot, whether you want to admit that or not. I can also respect him for that, and I think it’s wrong the media paints his patriotism in the wrong light. I understand where many reporters are coming from; it’s really tough to compliment a bigot and a racist. But maybe cut him a little slack?

Overall, our media needs to not give this man so much attention. Cover his political moments and speeches, but stop it with trying to tell us something that we already know. America knows that it is led by an idiot, and there isn’t anything we can do right now but try and resist his decisions.

I implore the media of America to seek out a different way to cover this man. Try and find a new angle and stop reminding us that he’s a idiot.

Preferably, I’d like to forget that he exists. Just because we are led by someone who has no idea what he is doing does not mean that we need to give him the notoriety he fosters.

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One Response to “Is every Trump tweet news?”

  1. kevin machen on February 14th, 2018 3:13 pm

    it’s always satisfying to read that a right wing loyalist has reached their limit to the amount of spin and deception thrust upon them. Especially when it’s coming from their own misguided political comrades .
    However it always seems to evolve into a disappointing mitigation of acceptance as their reality check gives way to denial.
    It usually begins small ,escalating into one of several rationalizations. Like “they’re as bad as each other, that’s typical of politicians,they all lie and last but not least, I’m not taking part in politics anymore ’cause It’ll never change.”
    So when I hear you ask the press to pay less attention to the minor deficiencies of our incompetent CIC, then attempt to defend his vain ,self serving narcissism as some sort of patriotism. I am disappointed each time.
    Unfortunately trump is incapable of patriotism or loyalty to anything other than himself. He does not possess the ability due to the nature of his condition as a self centered narcissist.
    It’s not his fault any more than a baby is at fault for soiling itself. It does however make him vastly unqualified to be POTUS or hold any office requiring similar selfless service to others.
    I see your epiphany as a step in the right direction requiring continuing open minded self education. A good thing.
    My advice to anyone interested in the truth is to get away from Fox, Breitbart and any similar hateful echo chambers of spin and negative reinforcement of distrust directed at our peoples government & it’s loyal dedicated public servants.
    I hope you continue to seek the truth and deny hate generated from fear.


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