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The Globe’s Point – Majorly left out of the conversation

Written By Editorial Board

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If you’re reading this newspaper, then by now, we are sure you’ve been exposed to the great journalism degree change debate of 2018.

Though current students won’t be affected, most of us still have strong opinions on how we feel about the restructuring of multiple majors under the broader umbrella of “journalism,” effective for incoming freshman of fall 2018.

We aren’t going to give you a strict stance on what we think the university should do, because to be completely honest, our editors are split on what they believe is the right resolution.

One thing we do agree on is the fact that this decision needs more time and voices to influence a change that will be right for the group it ultimately affects – students.

The school-wide email wasn’t sent until the administration thought rumors were being spread – and before the change was officially voted on by faculty.

We are the ones that are the most closely aligned with the current program, and our voices could have been a helpful resource in making a change that will help future students compete in this tight job market.

Many students currently enrolled are content with the ability to major in a specific program of their choice – in fact, many of them chose Point Park for that reason. This leaves many of us confused as to why a change was needed in the first place.

It would have been courteous to have seen a student, alum or faculty survey before the vote was made. Having this avenue for crowd opinion could have been a great opportunity to see what exactly needed changed and what exactly should stay the same.

Again, we understand this decision won’t affect any of us, so why talk so extensively about the topic, you ask?

This is the future of the university. It’s our legacy. We want the students that come after us to have the same opportunities and decisions that we were given.

We aren’t afraid of change – quite the contrary. We are afraid of rushed change that fails to take enough voices into account.

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