Fair NAFTA negotiation a necessity

Huge trade reform missing a significant player

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Fair NAFTA negotiation a necessity

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Opinions Editor

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To be quite honest, Canada is one of my favorite countries.

Awesome tourist attractions, the birthplace of hockey as we know it and great beer.

It is actually one of the most interesting places in the world to me, and I would strongly consider visiting the country before you die.

With all that being said, why is the Trump administration keeping Canada out of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Arrangement (NAFTA)?

This is just the latest in what seems to be an anti-Canada parade by Donald Trump and his

On Monday, the United States and Mexico reached a preliminary agreement to re-negotiate NAFTA. Canada is a part of North America, so unless I am missing something, they should have been included in these talks.

Let me make this clear, I am not totally against changing certain aspects of NAFTA, but I find it appauling that Canada was not involved with the negotiations. The orange blob (our president) actually made it a point to say that the U.S. will only now start communicating with Canada about this new deal.

This comes after weeks of deliberating with Mexico.

Sorry, but shouldn’t all of North America be involved with this, not just two out of three countries? So after researching and trying to find some sense of reason behind this madness, I finally found it.

In the U.S., any law must sustain a waiting period of three months.

It just so happens that on Dec. 4, Mexico will have a new president, one who has no say in this current re-negotiation of NAFTA. Therefore, it seems to me that Trump has moved hastily to finish these talks because of not wanting to have to speak to another leader.

No surprise there that a cowardice traitor would not want to talk to a new leader.

As if a trade war with Canada was not bad enough, we have now essentially solidified the idea that we will deal with them only when we feel like it.

Canada is essential to the world economy, as are most major countries. Electing to not speak with them about a major trade agreement is just completely wrong.

What if Canada finds major problems in the deal and doesn’t want to sign?

I cannot imagine that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration will allow for this deal if there is no benefit to Canada. As the world waits to see what will become of NAFTA, I can almost guarantee this is simply another case of “MAGA” sickness.

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