The Globe’s Point: Conquering Differences

Written By Editorial Staff

In the middle of an extremely contentious and volatile midterm election season, it’s important to remember one simple idea – you can still associate with people who have different political views than your own. 

Following the 2016 election, the country was divided by political differences. So much so that some refused to even go home for the holidays. 

The Globe wants to remind you that sometimes, you can just agree to disagree. 

Friends and families do not need to split apart because of political differences. Whether you are conservative, liberal or of some other political mindset, it does not have to end relationships. Yes, this may mean looking past someone’s semi-crazed political views.

In a time where political differences and consistently depressing news can make it hard to converse with loved ones of different ideologies, we challenge you to remember what’s important in life. For most, this means the friends and family we can rely on when times are tough.

It’s very important to stand up for what you believe in, and it’s especially important to do so now. But really, truly, it’s sometimes better for everyone when you bring up your new hobby around the turkey table instead of fighting with your conservative uncle (of which there are many) about who he voted for in the midterms. 

There is a whole lot more to life than the politics that divide this country, and maybe you can find common ground with those who lean the other way. Finding that common ground can lead to a lot of good ideas and conversations. 

When we allow political differences to sew hate into our hearts, we are just as much to blame as our opponents. It’s about time this country begins to heal and work its way back to civility. Globe Point 2Col NEW