Extremely charming, yet shockingly devious

Written By Gracey Evans, News Photo Editor

I have watched media about crime my whole life. I’ve watched all of the “CSI” series, I’ve watched “Law and Order,” I’ve watched all the “NCISs” and the list goes on.

But over the past year, I have really dove into crime films. I’m not sure why, but I have been watching crime movies so much that I am having a hard time finding more to watch. I would rather watch a crime movie like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman’s “Seven.” With all of these movies on the first time watch, I see if I can solve the crimes before the characters.

There is one main theme that is the same throughout these movies and TV shows. Most of them are creepy-looking men that usually are bald. Very few are portrayed as handsome.

Ted Bundy is one of those “handsome men” that committed extremely devious crimes. He used charm to lure in his victims. What is different about Bundy, too, is that he’s smart. He was studying law for a while. If you think about it, how would he have possibly killed 36 women in five different states if he wasn’t handsome or smart? Not to mention he was smart enough to break out of the Aspen jail twice.

I recently watched the whole Netflix series “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes”, and I was wowed. I had heard of what he had done but I never realized that it was to that caliber. I found it intriguing.

He first killed in February 1974 and he wasn’t caught for good until February 1978. He was sentenced to death by electric chair 30 years ago. Up until two days before his execution, he never confessed to killing any of the girls. To this day, he is the one that really started what we now call serial killers.

Therefore, I conclude that there is nothing wrong with Zac Efron portraying Ted Bundy in the upcoming movie, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

In fact, Zac Efron is perfect for the role as Ted Bundy and is practically made to be identical! Especially with those blue eyes because Ted Bundy also had blue eyes that supposedly turned black when he’d talk about the murders.

This morning, I saw a tweet that said: “Can we not sexualize Ted Bundy? He raped, murdered, and decapitated women and had sex with their dead bodies. Not here for this hyper-sexualized Zac Efron film. I know the youth of Twitter will obsess over him, and I’d prefer not to read their tweets about a serial murderer.”

While this makes sense, I feel that the reason they may be “over-sexualizing” Zac Efron is indeed because of his natural charm and good looks. As I stated earlier, Ted Bundy was both smart and charming. He could lure any woman he wanted by persuasion.

Ted Bundy was unique in the sense that he never once cracked that he committed all of those devious murders of all of those young women despite the fact that he also did rape and decapitate his victims.

It wasn’t until 1980 when journalists Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, went to get Bundy’s story while on death row and he gave sense of how the murders were committed. Instead of just talking – because Bundy would not say a thing about the murders – they came up with the idea of Bundy talking in the third person to detail the murders and it worked. Just listening to the Ted Bundy tapes really gives you a sense of the denial that he had and his strong opinions including why he thought he was innocent.

People have mixed opinions about the upcoming “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” film. I personally think that this film is going to be a great twist on Ted Bundy and who he was.