Dealing with anxiety

Written By Jordon Slobodinsky, Opinions Editor

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A few years ago, I had a lot of issues dealing with adversity. I couldn’t really function under pressure when put in tough situations. I had to meet with someone and talk about these issues and feelings. Eventually I was told by a counselor what I was feeling: anxiety.

This feeling has followed me for the entirety of my life. It is something that I really had trouble coming to terms with, and even recently I have had trouble with it. I sometimes have so much anxiety that I just have to lay down and do breathing exercises to make sure I don’t start hyperventilating. While I have learned to cope with my anxiety issues, I feel some have not.

Every day I walk by students running around, rushing to their destinations or struggling to get school work done. This world moves a little too quickly for students sometimes, especially for seniors who are getting ready to enter the work force. Even adults run to catch buses, beat traffic or pay bills. There is a myriad of reasons why people feel anxiety.

There is work, school or our social life to think about. There are relationships and commitments that we are obligated to acknowledge. Most people will justify your anxiety, and you should not listen to those who do not understand what it means to be anxious.

I think it is very important that you take time out of your day to have a little chat with yourself. Organize your priorities, clean up your room and make sure you have yourself in order for the day. I have been a huge supporter of making daily lists and checking off things as you go, because checking things off is something that eases my mind.

There are also more traditional things to ease anxiety like squeezing a stress ball or screaming into a pillow. I used to get stressed during high school and scream into my pillow all the time.

Too many times throughout my four years of college I have watched people cope with their issues by drinking and smoking weed, which I cannot say enough is not a good idea. Alcohol is a depressant, no matter how fun it is, it will bring you down. Weed may be something I am in support of to be legalized, but I do not view it as a coping mechanism for anxiety.

So you may ask, “How do I deal with this anxiety?” Try exercise – it may be a generic answer but your body can actually relieve tension just from a simple walk to Point State Park. Clean your room – your mindset is reflected by what is around you, and if it is messy and cluttered, your mind will be too. Lay out your clothes the night before, it eases the stress of picking an outfit in the morning if you are stressed getting ready which will make you be stressed all day.

I am no expert, but anxiety sucks and I want people to have the tools they need to overcome it.

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