Jonas Brothers reunite, release new song ‘Sucker’

Reliving preteens as JoBros end hiatus

Written By Payton Comunale, Co-Features Editor

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We’re “Burnin’ Up” for the Jonas Brothers’ new single! Nick, Joe and Kevin released their new hit, “Sucker,” on March 1, and it immediately reached the spot of No. 1 single on iTunes.

The single was accompanied by a new music video as well, and this one featured all three of the JoBros’ significant others—Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas.

The boyband, or rather ‘brother band, has made a comeback after a six-year hiatus. From 2005 to 2013, the Jonas Brothers had released four studio albums and sold over 20 million records. They announced their split back in 2013, just before releasing their fifth album and starting a 19-city tour. The hearts of fans everywhere shattered.

Each brother felt differently about the direction in which they should take their music, and eventually, they each agreed that delving into their own music careers could do them some good.

Joe Jonas tweeted on October 22, 2013 “please hold while we get our s**t together.” And on February 2, 2019, Joe quoted the tweet saying, “Thank you for holding. S**t = Together,” making the reunion official and mending broken hearts all around the world. 

The new tune has the same sort of catchiness as some of the band’s younger stuff, but it shows the three young men’s obvious maturation in age. The song exemplifies what love can do to a man, such as “dancin’ on top of cars and stumblin’ out of bars.”

The lyrics stick to the theme of love that the band so beautifully portrayed back when they were at their peak. However, each has actually experienced real love at this point in their lives, adding some credibility behind the lyrics. The three band members are ‘suckers’ for their girls, so it only seemed right to feature them in the hit’s music video.

The video takes place in what seems to be a rather palatial setting with exquisite shrubbery, pink ladders, and many Corgi dogs. Most elements of the video are extremely random but fit together in a unique way. With tea parties, lavish headdresses, and rabbits, the video is definitely worth the three-minute watch and is bound to leave viewers wondering.

The Jonas Brothers’ music videos have always had a story-telling aspect to them. Their video for “Burnin’ Up” told the story of each brother saving a damsel in distress and winning her as his own in the end, and their video for “Lovebug” told the story of what seemed to be two young girls reliving their grandparents’ love story through photographs in an antique photo album.

Ever since 2005, the brothers have been creating interestingly vivid stories to tell their fans through the use of lyrics and videos, and their newest creation totally lives up to this idea. Will the JoBros continue to build this newfound style and stick together as the boyband that we all love and miss? I think we should all stay tuned to find out.

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