A farewell from graduating Globe staff

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A farewell from graduating Globe staff

Globe seniors from left to right; Amanda Myers, Gracey Evans, Carley Bonk, Robert Berger, Jordan Slobodinsky. Not pictured; Nick Horwat.

Globe seniors from left to right; Amanda Myers, Gracey Evans, Carley Bonk, Robert Berger, Jordan Slobodinsky. Not pictured; Nick Horwat.

Photo by Dara Collins

Globe seniors from left to right; Amanda Myers, Gracey Evans, Carley Bonk, Robert Berger, Jordan Slobodinsky. Not pictured; Nick Horwat.

Photo by Dara Collins

Photo by Dara Collins

Globe seniors from left to right; Amanda Myers, Gracey Evans, Carley Bonk, Robert Berger, Jordan Slobodinsky. Not pictured; Nick Horwat.

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Nick Horwat

When I was a freshman I knew I wanted to be involved in journalism; that’s why I chose it as my major. But after two years I hadn’t gotten involved in anything, and was unsure if I wanted to continue on that path. On the verge of transferring schools and changing majors, I can thank a close friend, who shall remain nameless but he’s a good dargon, for talking me into signing up for The Globe. Quickly I was back on track with what I wanted to do with a revitalized love for writing.

I started off as a copy editor, and wrote for the men’s soccer team every week. Quickly I became the co-arts and entertainment editor, where I found even more opportunity. I wrote some of my favorite pieces for that section that I have literally hung up on my bedroom wall.

I may not have been here all four years of my college career like some of my peers, but I am proud of the time I spent here. I felt like I was finally doing something worthwhile. Every Monday afternoon to night (sometimes late night) was a great experience and worth every second.

At The Globe I have made hopefully lifelong friends, and hopefully being here was just the first step of a long and fun career in this business. I have nothing but gratitude for The Globe. I wish everyone at The Globe the best in the future with whatever it is they do, and in the words of Bill Moushey, “What’s the nut?”


Robert Berger

My freshman year, I was incredibly hesitant to work at The Globe. As a multimedia major, I felt I had no business in the newspaper world, and thankfully I was wrong.

Ever since my first article my freshman year, The Globe has been the one constant thing in my life through these past four years. Once I joined the staff my sophomore year, I really had found my on-campus family.

The past few years I’ve been incredibly fortunate in holding the news and sports section editor positions as well as serving as sports photo editor.

The Globe has given me some incredible opportunities from meeting with and interviewing Bill Hillgrove, Greg Brown and Paul Steigerwald for my first published article. Getting to sit down one-on-one with NBC’s Mike Emrick. And even getting hit with a police baton in the middle of a Donald Trump protest, which was well worth it for the photos I got out of it.

Along with those moments, I also had the chance to be involved with a number of landmark events Point Park has seen these past four years – from elections, creeps on campus and the countless conference championships our athletic teams have won. Also, Anna Shields. I also can’t forget the amazing students I’ve had a chance to profile. 

But, nothing can compare to the friendships we built as we spent each Monday night in the newsroom. I write this as I look on at all of the staff at their respected computers, doing our jobs for the final time this year, and for some our final time ever.

It’s no doubt we are all walking away from The Globe with immense journalism experience under our belts. With this as my last published article, it will make my 99th written piece. As a freshman, I’d never believe it was possible to write that much through college.

I unfortunately missed the 50th anniversary celebration a few years back, when a number of Globe alumni came back to Point Park for a celebration. However, I can’t wait for the next anniversary event to be able to come back and see this staff once again and catch up on the amazing things they have all done in our lives after The Globe. 


Jordan Slobodinsky

My freshman year was not an ideal year in my memory. I was a terrible student and a terrible human being, who was more concerned about having fun and playing games rather than improving myself. The first eight months of 2016 were especially terrible for me, and I really hated who I was. Toward the end of the academic year in the Spring of 2016, I got an email blast asking for people to sign up for The Globe, and without hesitation I signed up. When I returned in the Fall of 2016, I never imagined that a school newspaper could change my life, but that is what it did.

Here we are in 2019 and I find myself amongst friends, in a newsroom where we are all taking pride in what we do. I have made friendships and memories that I would not trade for anything and that is with every staff I have been with at The Globe. From the seniors who showed me the courage to put my work out in the world, to the friends who supported me in my journalistic decisions, to my peers who pushed me to make a better section, I cannot thank you enough. Beth Turnbull was someone who I had the pleasure to share the opinions section with, and without her guidance I would have never been able to bring you this section for the past year.

I have watched this paper take several forms, and I have worked under four different editors. All of them are astounding people who I have nothing but respect and most of all love for. Without this newspaper, I would not be the person who is here today. The future of this paper, is in strong hands and in the leadership of amazing people. As I venture forward into this world, my memories of this newspaper will guide me when I am lost, and help to become who I want to be.

Thank you, for everything.


Amanda Myers

My time at The Globe has afforded me with the chance to not only gain professional experience, but to grow as a person, too.

I’m a transfer student, so I came a little late to the game and joined The Globe as a copy editor last Spring semester in my junior year. From that position, I was able to see the ins and outs of the newspaper machine and the tireless dedication the staff had in putting together the best paper possible.

Becoming A&E editor last fall really solidified my place as a staff member, as I was able to share my love of music and movies via numerous reviews. Writing about concerts I’ve been to, like Kiss or Alice Cooper, gave me the opportunity to share my passion with people who may never have heard of those artists before.

Adding features editor to my title this semester also allowed me to branch out into covering events I would have never thought to write about prior. I became a more active person on campus as a result, and a more rounded person over all.

My journalism classes taught me a lot about the traditional rules of journalism, but nothing beats real world experience. The Globe has showed me how valuable teamwork is, especially in the journalism business.

I’m going to miss the content portion in covering entertainment on campus, but I’m going to miss Monday nights working at The Globe more.


Gracey Evans

When I got accepted to Point Park in April 2015, I knew I wanted to be a part of something big when I got to college. I had been a part of my high school newspaper staff and immediately wanted to join the college newspaper staff.

Even though I wanted to join The Globe, I was scared. I was a timid freshman that had never been away from home before and I didn’t want to fail, but I had help along the way. I am glad to have been on staff since day one of my freshman year and will be a member of The Globe until I graduate. Throughout that time, I am thankful to have made lasting friendships.

I have photographed many different things from therapy dogs on campus to traveling to Washington D.C. to cover the inauguration. Throughout my time with The Globe, I have won a few Keystone Press Awards, I have won first place nationally for breaking news photography through SPJ, and have been a finalist for the Golden Quills.

After graduation, I will be a sales photographer for Mom365 at Magee-Women’s Hospital and will continue to grow my personal business, Gracey Evans Photography.

I am forever blessed to have been a part of The Globe. People say the “true college experience” is partying, being a rebel and such but my true college experience was being a part of The Globe.

This is Gracey Evans, news photo editor, signing off.