A Republican weighs in on the upcoming Democratic nomination

Written By Logan Dubil, Staff Writer

What is it like watching the Democratic debates as a Republican? I can answer sarcastically, or I can be honest with you. The thing is, both sarcasm and honesty haven’t gotten me far in the past, so I am in a tricky situation. After putting some thought into my approach, I decided that honesty is the best policy, so here it is – a Republican’s opinion about the Democratic debates.

How do I feel after watching the debates? The honest answer is simple, yet remarkably complicated. I am amused, I am relieved but at the same time, I am terrified. Even after the impeachment trials, support for our current president is increasing at shocking rates. The stock market (at the time I am writing this article) is on a path in the right direction, due to the signing of the much-anticipated phase one trade deal with China. The proof is there, President Donald J. Trump is doing what must be done to benefit the United States, therefore giving more people reason to have faith in his administration’s ability to govern. In recent events, including the increase of support and the rise of the stock market, I can confidently say that Trump should have no problem winning the 2020 election, giving this country the two-term-president they need.

Is this a realistic viewpoint? Of course not, because every election has two front runners. “Trump versus who?” is the question everyone is dying to find out. Many believe that Elizabeth Warren is the right choice. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are other popular predictions. Surprisingly, Andrew Yang is still holding on at 3.6 points. Do I want any of these individuals to oversee our country? That’s a no. Do any one of these individuals have to move on to face the “big, bad” Trump – sadly, yes. After keeping up with the Democratic debates, I have multiple predictions on who will represent the Democratic party in the general election. Don’t worry though, I am a man of my word. These predictions are based off research, true events and honesty.

From the beginning, it was obvious that only four candidates stood a chance: Warren, Biden, Sanders and Yang.

Warren has been my prediction to represent the Democratic Party in the general election for multiple reasons, mainly because she is most qualified. Her policy proposals added to my partial support, as she is attracting younger voters by vowing to cancel student loan debt, and the middle-class by tackling situations like the opioid crisis and suggesting that she will invest in rural America. She also maintains a professional character while debating on the big stage – well, up until not too long ago. At the most recent Democratic Debate, Warren approached Sanders within seconds of the debate’s conclusion, confronting him for calling her a “liar on national television.” Not only is this bad timing, but completely unprofessional. She got what she deserved, as this video went viral, causing a major decrease in Warren’s and Sanders’s poll numbers. Warren has also been caught in various lies. One lie that appalled the nation was her Native American identification. She lied to the country and took advantage on her college application by saying she was Native American. How low must one go to gain support from voters? But I do still think she still has a chance. I don’t think it will be handed to her like I did before her mistakes. She is going to have to execute major damage control to revive her slowly failing campaign.

Sanders, a returning candidate to the 2020 election, also has a strong likelihood of facing head-to-head against Trump. He was unsuccessful last election, but is coming in this year capable of redemption. Unlike the other candidates on stage, Sanders wants to transform the United States, for better or for worse, into a socialist country. He believes capitalism only benefits the rich – a statement I will never support – and wants to fix it, which allows the middle class to receive more financial help and opportunities. The younger generation is noted to support him due to the fact that he wants to get rid of student debt, similar to Warren. On the other hand, older voters are turned off by Sander’s socialist ways, which makes it difficult for his campaign to thrive.

Vice President Biden is the most moderate candidate, and has an opportunity to become the 46th President of the United States. Those who do not support socialism will most likely cast their vote to him. But I cannot say that is enough to get him into office. Biden is a creepy, old man attempting to enter the White House. I do not think he has enough support and ideas for people to trust him, putting him in a poor position.

The last candidate I think has a shot, the man who started #YangGang, Andrew Yang. Although the poll numbers show no sign of him winning, with all that is going on right now, I would not be surprised if he is chosen to face Trump. Yang has one main policy that has gained a lot of attention: Universal Basic Income (UBI). I don’t think this a plausible policy. It may seem like a good idea to give the American people “guaranteed” money, but where will this money come from? The United States is in enough debt already. Therefore, he will raise taxes to come up with the funding for UBI. Surely, no one wants more taxes. Yang, in my opinion, is the most relatable candidate. His usage of social media platforms, particularly Twitter, shows the American people that he is not a politician, but a human being, which in times like this, is what we need.

Taking all of this information into consideration, the candidate that will lose to Trump is…..Warren. The Democratic Party keeps saying that they are ready for a female president. Hillary Clinton was a bust, so the next best option they have is Warren herself. Yes, she has lied and deceived U.S. voters, but she has plans for this country, and those who are highly against Trump will turn to her for change.

Be sure to vote in the upcoming election. Who do you want in the White House? All I can say is, good luck Democrats, you will need it.