Halsey’s new album has her fans begging for ‘More,’ artist continues to inspire young girls

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Halsey’s new album has her fans begging for ‘More,’ artist continues to inspire young girls

Photo by Creative Commons

Photo by Creative Commons

Photo by Creative Commons

Written By Natalie Matvya

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Halsey has taken the world by storm with her music. She is seen as one of the best upcoming artists in this generation. She is known to speak her truth and tell it like it is.

Now, with her new album “Manic,” she continues to speak out regarding the struggles of her youth.

“A lot of this album is reconnaissance of things that I never got to work through because I was 19, and I was Halsey,” she told Apple Music. “I didn’t have time for self-care because I had to be composed. And I got too composed, that was part of the problem.”

If you think about it, this is true for all artists that start out young in the music industry. Most artists are taught to hide their flaws or issues and make it seem like everything is perfect in their lives when in reality, they are hurting on the inside.

She also wanted everyone to know that this album has nothing to do with her breakup with Gerald Earl Gillum, or, as we know him, the rapper G-Eazy.

The lyrics of the first single from the album that she released, “Without Me,” alludes that she was with someone when they were drinking. The lyrics go on to question how someone could live without her when she has helped that person so much. In my opinion, I think this relates to G-Eazy, despite Halsey’s disclaimer. They kept trying to make their relationship work, but it just ended up not working when she just kept falling back underneath his spell while he took steps to sobreity.

Throughout the album, Halsey continues to talk about all the challenges she faced as an up-and-coming artist in the public eye. She was 19-years-old when the music industry started to recognize Halsey.

One of the titles that really struck me is how the first song on the album is called “Ashley.” Anyone who is a fan of Halsey knows that her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. She chose to be called Halsey because it is an anagram of her first name, and is also a reference to a street station of a New York City subway in Brooklyn, a place she spent a lot of her time when she was a teenager.

“Starting this album with my name is a comfortable entry for the people listening. It’s like saying, ‘Hey, I’m still here, but I’m going to take you down a different journey right now with me.’ A lot of the album is written as I became aware of my mortality.”

When she made this comment, it made me sit, thinking about its meaning. I started to say to myself, this is what most girls think about themselves. They don’t know who they are, they don’t know their worth, they don’t know why they are even put on this earth. So, in my opinion, this makes Halsey one of the biggest role models of this generation. She figured out why she is supposed to be here, but also why she is supposed to be a performer. Halsey wants her voice to be heard, which is what she is doing for young girls listening to her music.

This song strikes me because the first few words she says is that she stares at herself in the mirror that she built, questioning why the decision wasn’t up to her. That sparked questions that made me wonder what happened, and why the decision wasn’t hers.

If you haven’t already listened to this album, you need to go listen to it right now. It is one of the rawest albums that I have listened to since the start of this year.

Halsey always stays true to herself. That is one thing that fans really do love about her. This album goes together so well, and she really took the time to assemble, perfect, and release this album.

Going back to when she released “Bad at Love” back in 2017, she skyrocketed since then. I don’t know about anyone else, but that is when I truly started to fall in love with Halsey. I like an artist that can speak their truth, but also not be afraid to show who they really are.

Who knows what is going to come next in her future? I can’t wait to find out.