‘Biggest Loser’ is back

Written By Logan Dubil, Staff Writer

“Welcome to the weight room,” announced ‘Biggest Loser’ host Bob Harper. This phrase has been absent from television for quite some time due to the show’s unexpected ending in 2016.

In response to multiple health-related complaints and lawsuits, the show decided to take a break until issues were resolved. The complaints and the show’s course of action was expected when the sole premise rests on a contestant’s weight dropping down to 105 pounds. There is a difference between healthy weight-loss and unhealthy weight-loss. Producers of the show took the time needed to make this necessary distinction.

After being off air for a few years, “Biggest Loser” made a return to television but with multiple changes. To start, the weight-loss competition is available on USA Network rather than its original channel, NBC.

Season 18 also experienced a location shift. The contestants are given the opportunity of a lifetime to change their lives in Glorieta, New Mexico.

“Biggest Loser” also integrated new trainers and a new gym.

Erica Lugo, the Red Team trainer, brings her past weight-loss experience to the show in hopes of changing lives. She believes that “fitness is a mindset, a dedication and a drive,” and wishes that this concept will transform her team’s appearance and lifestyle.

Steve Cook, fitness coach of the Blue Team, another new face to the show, though he is well-known throughout the fitness community. Social media plays a major role in his career; he uses platforms like Instagram with a personal 2.5 million following, and has a 1.27 million following on YouTube to share healthy habits for regular people, not ripped athletes.

These two new additions are responsible for helping the contestants turn their lives around. When contestants say phrases like “I ate my life away” and “I’m ready to get my life back,” it is definitely time to change the lifestyle, and it is now up to Lugo and Cook to find this change.

Episode one, similar to previous seasons, functions as an introduction to each contestant, providing their motives for entering the competition. Though each and every contestant hopes to reshape their current lives, their stories are unique and heartwarming. From a nurse wanting to improve her appearance for work to a school counselor wanting to set a better example for her students; there is no doubt that the 12 (now 11 due to the departure of one contestant) will work their butts off, not only to stay in the game but to fix their previous lifestyles and habits.

With “Biggest Loser’s” break from television, it is unclear if all its previous viewers will return to witness this season. Receiving health complaints and lawsuits can negatively affect a show’s reputation. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what the show does differently to avoid negative reviews. Be sure to join the contestants on their journey to a new life, each Tuesday at 9/8C on USA Network.