Demi Lovato makes emotional, breathtaking comeback at the Grammys

Written By Natalie Matya

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Demi Lovato is one of the music industry’s biggest artists to ever hit the scene. She started out at a young age, from acting, singing and even becoming an entrepreneur later down the line as she got older.

From a young age, Lovato has had to learn how to grow up quickly in the spotlight, while young girls considered her one of their biggest role models.

Early on in her career, Lovato ended up checking herself into rehab for substance abuse. She also dealt with bipolar depression and an eating disorder. She has slipped back into rehab quite a few times, but she will never forget what happened two years ago.

On July 25, 2018, Lovato was rushed to the hospital due to an overdose on drugs. Lovato’s mom, Diana De La Garza, shut down the whole floor that Lovato was on just to give the family and Lovato time to recover.

A year later, Lovato shared an image on Instagram of herself and new manager, Scooter Braun, sitting at a table in Lovato’s apartment. The caption read, “Dreams came true for me today. I officially have a new manager.” She continued by saying, “Couldn’t be happier, inspired, and excited to begin this next chapter with you Scooter. Thank you so much for believing in me and for being a part of this new journey. Let’s do this.”

Fast forward to 2020, Lovato announced that she would be performing at the Grammy Awards for the first time since her overdose in July. Lovatics, (her fanbase), went crazy. They were all so excited to hear that she was going to be performing again, but not just with any song, but a brand new song that no one had ever heard before. She would not release any details until it was two days before the Grammys.

Zane Lowe, a record producer and music enthusiast, did a sit-down interview with Lovato two days before the Grammys on his Apple Music Podcast called “New Music Daily with Zane Lowe.” She said to Zane the song she was going to be performing was an emotional song that tells part of her story. The title of Lovato’s new song is called Anyone.

Lovato also went on to say, “When listening to this song you would think that this is a cry for help.” She continued on, “Most people would say that ‘why did no one help this girl?’ when listening to me record this song.”

At the time, Lovato thought she had everything under control. She was in the studio recording the raw, untouched version of her song. But little did she know that she would overdose four days later.

Fast forward to the day of the Grammy’s, and Lovato was filled with excitement. She posted to her Instagram story of her getting ready, the backstage action, and that all of her family was there backstage supporting her, waiting to see her go out and kill this performance.

Lovato came out in an all-white princess dress, standing in front of a piano waiting to start. The piano began to play, she started to sing and paused. She started over because the tears were rolling down her face.

The starting lyrics were “I tried to talk to my piano, I tried to talk to my guitar, talked to my imagination, confided into alcohol.” For most people, hearing these words sets off a red flag, making them think to themselves that “this girl does need help.”

She made it through the first verse and belted out the chorus:

“Anyone, Please send me anyone, Lord, is there anyone? I need someone.”

This was her cry for help. She laid all of her emotions out on the stage. She was the only artist of the night to have a quiet audience, listening to every word that she had to say. Lovato was also the only artist of the night to have a standing ovation.

This song is so raw. Lovato ended up releasing the untouched, raw, emotional version onto all streaming platforms after her performance, and it skyrocketed to number one.

She became the top trending artist of the night for her performance. Other artists and celebs reached out, saying that Lovato is so strong and killed this performance.

I highly suggest that everyone go listen to this song. It is a difficult listen, but so worth it. It makes others that have been in Lovato’s situation or anything similar feel that they are not alone. Lovato has always been one to help her fans. When she was on her last tour, they had a session before the show where fans could go sit and listen to her mentor talk about ways of getting themselves help, but also of ways to talk to someone or to rech out to a friend or family member that you know needs help.

A week later, Lovato was asked by name to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV. She followed right after Grammy-winning, gospel artist, Yolanda Adams. Lovato always said she wanted to sing the National Anthem, and now she was given that chance. She amazed the crowd with her vocal range, but what stunned me was the high note that I have never heard her hit before. The Washington Times posted to Twitter that Lovato is considered “the best since Whitney Houston.”

I can completely agree with that. I was amazed by Lovato’s improvement in her vocal range, her control, and how well she was composed during her performance. That is a high standard to meet, not many would be compared to legend Whitney Houston. Lovato is back in the game, and I can’t wait to see what more is to come. Hopefully, can we say another song? Possibly an album? I can’t wait to find out.