Ranking the top 5 cutest Pokémon

Written By Ayla Reed-Porter, For The Globe

There are plenty of Pokémon in this world…I mean, in the fictional world of “Pokémon that just so happens to exist within this world, but it still counts. It is up to us, the everyday civilians, to decide which of these Pokémon are superior. But today, I am going to be the one to decide for you. You’re welcome.

There are many variables that can be used to weed through the low-class Pokémon and pick out the golden ones. This list will be based on pure cuteness, ignoring the fact that there are some less beautiful monsters that still hold immense power; Gyarados, you have served me well, but you must sit out this round. We will be looking at the appearance of the Pokémon, as well as their names and their unique traits.

  1. Jigglypuff (039)

While putting together this list, I tried to filter out the Pokémon that are obviously cute just for the sake of being cute. As it is in real life, those who are conventionally attractive are always picked first, and that’s not fair. But this is one of those examples.

Jigglypuff (039) is listed in the Pokédex as a normal/fairy type “Balloon Pokémon,” and its defining features are its roundness paired with its big blue eyes. Even without seeing a picture of the thing, you can tell that it has to be cute. The name Jigglypuff is a reflection of its jiggly/balloon nature. When seen, it is very likely to be bouncing around.

This Pokémon’s signature move is its song, which is so pleasant that it can make almost any foe fall asleep. In the show, Jigglypuff follows the main characters around in an attempt to get someone to listen and enjoy its performance, but every time the audience falls asleep before the end of the song. Sad, but still cute.

  1. Cubone (104)

Cubone is a tiny Pokémon with a sad backstory, so not only did it place 4th for its cuteness, it also won a couple pity points. Listed as the “Lonely Pokémon,” the Pokédex entry for Cubone in “Pokémon Ultra Moonsays, “It wears its mother’s skull on its head, so no one knows what its bare face looks like. However, it’s clear that it’s always crying.” “Pokémon Moonsays, “According to some, it will evolve when it comes to terms with the pain of her death.” There is hope for Cubone yet!

Although we never see what is underneath Cubone’s skull helmet, we can tell that this Pokémon is cute; its skull defines a head with a snout and prongs on the top that are likely horns. It has tiny little feet and its little fists hold a bone that is used as a club. I know that’s more cool than it is cute, but it still translates in my book.

According to the Pokémon Database, Cubone’s name is derived from the words cub, meaning a baby animal, and bone, which is pretty self-explanatory. By leveling up, Cubone can learn the move “Bonemerang.” It throws its bone and it comes back, hitting the target twice. Again, more cool than it is cute.

  1. Ninetales (038)

The Pokémon that strongly resemble real-life animals are a lot easier to place on a cuteness scale, because each person has their own set of preferences. Ninetales, on the other hand, is a fox, which I view as the variable between dog and cat. The best of both worlds!

This might come as a shock, but all Ninetales have nine tails. It is the evolved form of Vulpix, which is basically a six-tailed, fire-type version of Eevee. In order to evolve into Ninetales, a Vulpix has to be given a Fire Stone. In “Pokémon Sword,” Ninetales’ Pokédex description says, “It is said to live 1,000 years, and each of its tails is loaded with supernatural powers.” It truly is one majestic Pokémon.

It is hard for me to place exactly why this Pokémon placed third on my list; its rarity and mystery intrigue me, and looking at it makes me feel more powerful. Hopefully that’s enough to justify my decision.

  1. Snorlax (143)

This Pokémon is huge, round, hungry, and sleepy. If that doesn’t explain why it deserves this spot, then I don’t know what will.

When it comes to appearance, Snorlax is mighty in both size and cuteness. According to the Pokédex, the average height and weight of a Snorlax is 6’11” and 1,014.1 pounds, respectively. This makes it very round, which is a big factor in what makes a fictional animal/monster attractive. All of the best Pokémon are round. It’s just science. Additionally, it has little pointed claws as fingers and toes, two little teeth sticking out of its mouth, and has a consistent look of contentment on his face.

Snorlax is known as the “Sleeping Pokémon,” and lives up to its name, which is based off of snoozing and being lazy. In season 2 episode 39 titled “Snack Attack,” Snorlax are revealed to eat 900 pounds of food per day and once they are full, they fall into a deep sleep. Out of all of the Pokémon, I relate to this one the most. One move that Snorlax can learn is Body Slam, where it drops its full body weight onto its target. Honestly, this Pokémon is so dear to me that if I were the victim, I wouldn’t mind it.

  1. Psyduck (054)

I know this may be a surprise, me giving Psyduck the number one position, but this dumb duck holds a special place in my heart. Not only is its round stomach charming, but its character in the show quickly pushed it to my number one spot.

Misty, the water Pokémon specialist, has a Psyduck with a tendency to disappoint. It often finds its way out of its Pokéball without being summoned, which annoys Misty to no end. In battle, it can hold its own with its water-type moves, but it is known for its hidden talent.

Psyduck has a chronic headache that never really goes away, which is why it always has its hands on the sides of its head. When its headache gets worse, it exhibits impressive psychic powers. Misty always writes her Psyduck off as an annoying mistake, but usually this Pokémon comes out at the right time and saves the day. The saddest part is, after it uses its strong powers, it loses all recollection of what it has done. Just a stupid duck with no knowledge of how truly amazing it can be. Press F to pay respects.

Psyduck tops my list not only because of its looks but also its personality. Almost every Pokémon has a deep past and a layered personality—I’m sorry Rattata, but they didn’t have to make you so basic. Making a list like this was hard, because there are so many variables that can be used to judge Pokémon, and the majority of them shine in multiple categories. The possibilities in this world are vast. “Pokémon” has enlightened my life with its cute characters and charming personality, and it is important to share the things that you love with others. Even if it’s just fictional monsters.